Friday, May 29, 2009

Actually...This is So True

The interview on Taipei Times sounds kind of funny, but actually it fits so well with the situation:

INTERVIEW: Taiwanese have Stockholm syndrome: psychiatrist

Actually I think I saw another of this guy's interview a while ago...but I think maybe during that time the "symptom" is not very clear to me...but now more I think about it, the more of what he described make sense to me. It fits very well with the logical holes I find listening to opinions from different average Taiwanese. I find it especially true to my parents' generation (40 to 60 years old). Even the ones that are not pan blue have these symptoms. Some people have more severe symptoms than others. Although I personally knew a few younger people having similar problems, I am not too sure about my own generation in general...which is kind of weird, probably because younger people usually don't have enough confidence to voice their own opinion.

The bright side of things are there are quite some people already free from this entanglement...the only problem is can they help others to set themselves free.

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