Friday, May 22, 2009

-10.24% First Quater GDP...A Bit Shocking

I wonder if others actually expect the statistic to be this bad.

Even I did not expect to see such number. I think it might be because all the other recent news seem to indicate the economy is bottoming out and on the way to recovery. Especially the stock market was all up.

But now I am really wondering if there are conspiracy behind the market surge...Although all the international market was up, but TAIEX seems to go up way too much. The market is supposedly an indication of the future economic development, so it is plausible that the economic condition in the later part of 2009 or even the 2nd quarter will be much better. Still, -10% is a bit shocking, and it seems to indicate Ma's government was trying to paint an unrealistic rosy picture.

But still, I feel economy, does not matter how bad it is, will eventually recover (unless Ma is really so bad that he actually destroys Taiwan's economic foundation, and the whole system falls apart ><). Economy is important, but what's more important is stopping KMT's selling out of Taiwan. Economy can recover, but sovereignty could be lost forever.

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