Friday, May 15, 2009

Counting Down to 517

517 is coming close...

Unfortunately I am not able to attend this historical rally, because I am currently outside of Taiwan. But I hope a lot of people will attend...I think this is only the beginning , but it's also a turning point.

It's not just about economy or's also about many other things that mean much more...

I also threw in some donation as my way of supporting the cause because I cannot physically be there...Might not help much, but that's all I can do now :( I also hope other Taiwanese outside of Taiwan can help out anyway they can.

Recently I saw Tamil Tigers' protest in Toronto on news...unfortunately it's probably too late for them. Although I don't understand much their struggle, I know quite some of them in Canada support their cause through different ways. Taiwan is probably luckier than the Tigers, but if we sit around and do nothing, one day we might have to do this protest, like the Tigers, in Washington DC, with no hope of changing anything.

Some info on 517:

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