Friday, May 8, 2009

Key To Taiwan's Economy: Education, Not China

After reading this, I have one thought: the foundation of Taiwan's further economic progress is in education. Some people use various reason and excuses try to tie Taiwan's future with China, as if Taiwan has no future without China. But all the reasons or excuses only say that China is a possible place for investment, like anywhere else (South East Asia, Vietnam, Australia, US, Japan, Canada, etc etc). Of course many reasoning, such as China is hostile to Taiwan, can counter this, but the point is a place of investment is not "the future" of Taiwan.

Education, on the other hand, is the key investment to Taiwan's future. Unfortunately, although I know it's important, but I have no knowledge in how to improve education in Everyone knows the education system setup by KMT has a lot of problems, and DPP has made some improvement (during the process also creates some other problems, some might say), but it's not enough probably.

The link above and the resource in the log might provide some further answer.

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