Thursday, May 28, 2009

Great Editorial By Taiwan News

Great editorial on Taiwan News: Taiwan economy needs reform more than PRC

The conclusion is particularly strking:
Taiwan now is paying the price for the KMT's "scorched earth" strategy that succeeded in "persuading" the electorate to give it power again and for the KMT's obsession with "great China" and its lack of a genuine Taiwan-centric vision grounded in reality.
Isn't that the KMT's plan all along and isn't that a concise and clear summary of Taiwan's past few years?

Actually, history does repeat itself. After KMT took over Taiwan, it pillages (scorched earth once again) Taiwan to the ground. Afterward, it just claims the credit of Taiwan's economic recovery from that calamity. Then it claims that it is the only party that knows economics...

If they haven't been to Taiwan, Taiwan might be 10 times better. Such thuggish deception...but it is the Taiwanese fault to let them deceived us for such a long time, even till this day.

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