Saturday, May 9, 2009

Chen's Hunger Strike

Many reports on recent event on Chen's case.

Before I said...Chen's case is probably not an important topic in Taiwan, because Taiwan is facing a bigger problem (Ma government and his sell out to China). But now perhaps I would say Chen's case has became much more important...because the treatment to Chen has shown the pinnacle of great erosion in the judiciary system in Taiwan.

However, I would say although Lee is a very intelligent scientist, he should not say this:

He is right but he should not say this on TV I think...because obviously the pan Blue is going to use this to justify their own wrong doing...He is missing the point and not helping the situation. The point is the court is under heavy influence of KMT...actually this incident shows KMT controlling the judiciary system in Taiwan. Whether Chen apologize or not is not that important compare to the erosion of justice system in Taiwan. Further, I remember he apologize before already.

It is funny (or should I say disgusting) that no judge and prosecutors etc voice their concerns...even only Chen's lawyers, not other lawyers, criticize the situation. Instead, we have American, including Ma's former teacher in Harvard, writing the criticism. Here is one:

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