Monday, May 11, 2009

The Pattern of Ma's Behavior

The report hits me once again about how persuasive Ma can be sometimes, especial when the interviewers or the reporters who asked the questions are pro blue (which CTV is). But further examination about his past behavior shows that he is a very authoritarian and deceptive person. Unfortunately I think not everyone has enough time, cynism, memory and critical thinking skills to see through his deception. Heck, even I feel like believing him, but when I think back about his past behavior, I realize 99.99% he is just trying to decieve the public again.

I thought it would be interesting to categorize a few pattern of Ma's deceptive behavior:

Pattern 1: Term Manipulation (Change The Glass without Changing the Wine)
I think this interview with CTV also falls into one of this pattern. If you look into what he said in the past, you realize he does this constantly. Mainly he uses this technique to divert criticism and attention when he is trying to push for some policy. Following is a few example:
  • Change the term CEPA to CECA to ECFA: because CEPA reminds people of Hong Kong, Ma change the term 3 times, but the purpose or content never changes. In fact, there was little revelation about the specifics of CEPA(CECA, ECFA) . The latest survey shows even 80% of CEO in Taiwan don't know the treaty contains or suppose to contain.
  • The Promise of No One China Market: the One China Market was originally promoted by the current vice president. But during election, he said there won't be any one China market. But if we observe carefully, after election, everything they do is going toward One China Market policy. They just don't use the name and do it piece meal style. Again, change the name to no name, but no change in the content.
  • Draft a New Parade Law That is Actually More Restrictive: Because of the "wild strawberry" student movement, a new parade law that is supposed to give the protesters more freedom actually turn into something that gives the police practically unlimited power. Under that law, the police can arbitrarily define their restricted area and can fine the organizers unlimited times. What stops the police from making the whole island restricted area? Although it's forcefully blocked by DPP but it's just another example of how Ma tries to package something foul with new boxes.
  • No Sunshine in the new Sunshine Policy: Similar situation as the one above. The new anti-corruption law that just got passed actually doesn't do anything. I don't remember the specific details because it was passed 2 months ago I think, but I remember a lot of it is quite ridiculous. The useless law is setup with a name just so Ma can fulfill his promise during election and make himself look good.
  • Annexation VS. Peace Treaty: Again after people accusation, he try to repackage what he said. Of course we cannot be sure just what exactly he is trying to do just base on what he says. Base on past experience, a lot of time he just tries to sneak something bad under a nice name. In this case, "PEACE" is the beautiful package paper he uses to wrap around his policy. The problem is after all these can we still trust this guy? And what kind of "peace" is he talking about? Slavery is quite peaceful as well. Surrendering is PEACE. Selling out Taiwan is peace. No offense to His Holiness, Dalai Lama, but Ma can sell Taiwan out and become another Dalai Lama. Tibet signed a peace treaty with China right before it was annexed. And the good old Lama now travel around the world promoting PEACE while lots of Tibetan got killed in Tibet. Ma can do the same thing. Sign the peace treaty, wipe the dust off his butt, let China take over Taiwan, and go to the US of A to promote PEACE and enjoy his luxury life. Maybe he will even get a Nobel Peace Price as well. (OK, I might not be saying the right thing because I am a bit pissed off but my point is clear. )
Pattern 2: Two Hands Strategy (Or Should I Say Pretend to Be An Innocent Girl Strategy)
This strategy is used very often by Chinese Communist Party. Now Ma is adapting it to the fullest toward its own citizen. Basically, in this strategy, Ma "let the dog out, " stand by and watch the fight, and then come out pretend to be a innocent and say something that sounds righteous. Here are some examples:
  • Most recent one, "the students got beat up in Tainan" incident
  • A news camera man got hit by riot police
  • The Police Confiscated and Broke the Flag incident
  • The Japan Ambassador incident
There are probably a lot others, but these 3 I remembered well. In every case, his subordinate did something unthinkable to shocking etc. The Ma will later come out and say something nice, and pretend as if all these have nothing to do with him. But then, he does not punish those official that did such things. Some even got promoted.

Pattern 3: False Advertisement

This one is quite self-evident. Just go back and watch his electoral campaign commercials on YouTube now. I don't know if you will laugh or cry.

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