Wednesday, May 13, 2009

The "Good" Old KMT Strategy: Tell Others to Bury Their Heads in The Sand

KMT (and Ma) has once again call on all citizens to bury their heads in the sand.

It's just interesting that KMT seems to always live in a state of denial. They could have just acknowledged the existence of such thing, and proposed what they would do about it. Instead, they once again hide their heads under the sand and deny the existence of such document, when it is well known that such document exists.

It's the same type of denial they have for the past 50 years. Once they even call themselves "Free China" when in reality they are just a government in exile that created 228 massacre in Taiwan and oppressed Taiwan population under martial laws for 40 years. Unfortunately , through their brain washing education system a lot of Taiwanese listened to them and bury their heads under the sand with them.

The list of examples can go on and on, including their attitude to foreign policy etc...

I am just wondering how much longer will those Taiwanese that still bury their heads under the sand stop to do so...

hey, stop mimicking us

UPDATE: Just thought of another thing...Looks like nowadays KMT are denying not just for themselves, but for China's benefits as well. Take this one for example...Ma is denying it also because he wants to maintain China's "good will" image. He doesn't want to make China look hostile or frightening. When you actually read the MOU, you will notice how thuggish Chinese government is. That's also what Ma is denying.

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