Saturday, May 9, 2009

Count Down to 517 Protest: Still One more Requirement

We are now approximately 1 week until the 517 protest. The number of protesters and the validity of the protest are all good. But as some others pointed out before, it still lacks something: more clear demand.

Here is a protest's poster:

In it you can see only the "referendum on ECFA" is a clear demand. The others are goals and some demands that I think is a bit too general. The statement such as opposing One China Market is all good, but the question is how...that's where specific demand can help. For example, you might demand the government to stop the KMT and CCP platforms...or you can demand some official to step down etc...I am not good at this but just throwing out some examples.

The video on the site also shows the same deficiency in demand...Yea, the video is good, it contains information and evidence on how KMT is selling Taiwan out for their own profit, thus gives people a lot of reasons to support the protests. But again a clear demand might be desired. Maybe not in a video, but definitely it has to be made clear.

As for whether to have 2 protests, 1 in Taipei, 1 in Kaohsiung, or 1 protest in Taipei...I think it's best to have just 1 in Taipei. But again if people want to march in Kaohsiung, there is no harm there I think. But perhaps somehow using Internet and media, the 2 can be linked together to create concentration of forces, although physically separated...It demands some creativity, but I think it's possible. Plus it might even have some advantageous, who knows...

And I guess the old Ben Franklin's quote comes in handy once again:
By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.

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