Sunday, May 3, 2009

Another Thought on The Issue

Just had another thought on the previous post. Perhaps one simple way to look at the Taiwan status issue is this: Taiwan and Japan have similar fate after WW2, both are occupied by Allies power. Japan is occupied by the US, while Taiwan by the ROC. But the main point which must be made very clear, is that the US does not have sovereignty over Japan, and the ROC does not have sovereignty over Taiwan. They are simply occupying power, and they should be temporary. The problem is ROC, after the occupation, pillage Taiwan and decide not to leave. And after they lost the whole mainland, they become the government in exile in Taiwan. They are no different from the Tibet government in exile in India in their status. They are "borrowing" land in another people's territory to setup their government. The difference is India granted Tibet's wish to do so, but Taiwan is forced to accept ROC...and now they don't want to leave, and claim Taiwan to be part of China lol The only territory that rightfully belong to the ROC is the island of Kinmen and Matsu.

Looking at it this way, ROC is a really nasty parasite.

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