Friday, May 1, 2009

Yet Another KMT's (Ma's) Foolish Attempt

Yet again KMT (Ma) tried to manipulate history and historical documents to fool Taiwanese. This time it's the Taipei Treaty. But now Taiwan is equipped with much more knowledgeable people in this matter, and there are different media access for them to counter once again Ma's lunacy.

Several links on this topic:
There are a lot more articles on this, hopefully I will collect more links later. Actually if you read the Taipei Treaty yourself you will probably discover that Ma's claim is false. People probably don't need some experts telling them about this. But like Cairo Declaration myth, this type of propaganda tries to use the fuzziness and people's laziness to check the records themselves. So the more concrete counter attacks on this propaganda, the better.

Treaty of Taipei had no claim to sovereignty (From Taipei Times)
從國際法大師說起 (From Liberty Times, by 黃啟堯)
齋藤已給老馬面子 (From Liberty Times, by 沈建德)
台灣主權未定論 許世楷:日本外交界常識
Japan: Taiwan's status is unresolved (Another one from Michael Turton)
Letter to Taipei Times From Mr. Tkacik

Wow Too many links, maybe I will just put it on the side bar as well...just for the record.

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