Wednesday, May 20, 2009

My Thoughts On 517

First of all I would just like to say: thanks all those who participate in 517...

I am not an expert in demonstration, so I am just writing some of my thoughts, not really offering solid advices or criticism here.

Let me start from the simplest one...I don't know about others, but one thing I don't like about DPP's demonstration style are the background music during speeches. I think it actually distracts people from what the speaker is really saying. Plus it seems to supposed stir up emotion. But first of all I don't think emotion can really helps in defeating Ma's government. To undo our fellow citizens' mistake during election, we needs common senses, reasons and instinct to convince them that Ma and the KMT is deceiving them. We have to give them reasons and proofs, so they can judge by themselves. That is the only way they can perhaps realize their mistakes. Already a lot of people did, but many more needs to this reasoning. Secondly, the music just sounds cheesy with the speeches. Again I am not a demonstration expert, and many people might like it, but I am just offering my personal opinion. lol

Another issue a lot of people seem to have is the purpose, the intention of DPP and how it should end. This is a tough issue I think. And it generate a lot of energetic debates amoung pan green supporters.

I personally hoped that this demonstration could have accomplished more. So it was a little disappointment when it seems to end without accomplishing much. I think a lot of people feel that way. But then I thought of it another way...perhaps our expectation is just too high. Rationally, how much can we actually accomplish with just one massive demonstration. We need a lot more than just one demonstration to change the current course. Some people think that people should stay longer, until May 20...but what happen after May 20? Should people stay even longer? Because I highly doubt that Ma will actually care to consolidate even if people sit there until May 20...Of course I don't know for sure, but I feel that's what he will do. He will ignore the demonstrators and continue his course, while his pan blue media cronies continue to smear the rally with whatever reasons they can find.

I saw a lot of good suggestions etc in plurk, but the funny thing is a lot of them contradict each others. So while they all seem to be good suggestions and ideas, you cannot really do them all at once. I think Mr. Hsieh of DPP addressed this most elegantly. I think what he said basically translate to "ideas, critism and suggestions are all good, but don't make divisions. And during implementation, make sure one idea, not 2 or 3, is followed through, so there is a unifying power." I think he is quite right. It is good and healthy that people have different ideas etc. It is even critical to have another political party if Taiwan gets rid of KMT one day. But during demonstration, it is probably better if everyone is on the same step.

Overall I think it's a good demonstration, but there are rooms for improvement. And to those who think it was a waste of effort, I would say...that is exactly what KMT wants you to feel: despair. Don't give up, this is only the beginning. And I am sure the effect of demonstration is already there, although we cannot see it on the surface to quantify it. I think a lot of people, inside and outside of DPP, is still working hard to safeguard Taiwan after 517.

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