Thursday, April 30, 2009

The Fight to Stop The Passing of New Parade Law

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This time it's very fortunate that many noticed Ma's strong intention to sneak this law through, and therefore, DPP was able to rally strong opposition to it. Right now the KMT members seem unenthusiastic about it. I think it's because they also know this new law is wrong, and if they pass it even a lot of their own supporters will feel dissatisfied. The only person that seems to want to force this through is Ma. In any case, I guess we have to thank those who noticed this event and informed others about it.

However, it's still too early to tell what will result from this. DPP has successfully blocked it once, but can they do it again? One thing is for certain though...this new law should not be passed and the opposition of it is very strong. It's unfortunate that I cannot contribute more in opposing the passing of this law.

I definitely see the connection behind all of Ma's actions...I am now quite certain...he is trying to force his way through and drag Taiwan with him. He is doing everything in his power to oppress different voices and spend tones of money on commercial (propaganda) advocating his policy. The opposition to his policy of leaning toward China is very strong but he still forge ahead regardless. To what end does Ma want to bring Taiwan, I am not totally sure. I think it's very likely that he wants to create condition for eventual Chinese annexation of Taiwan or subordinating Taiwan to Chinese rule.

Thoughts on The Constitution of Liberty So Far 2: Chapter 7 Very Interesting Discussion

Once again as I read along the book The Constitution of Liberty, I found something that clears out a lot of my puzzlement, doubts and observations of political events around the world, but especially in Taiwan. Chapter 7, Majority Rule, contains a very insightful discussion on democracy and liberalism, which for some reasons I find it very closely related to what is exactly going on in Taiwan now. Mostly likely I think too much, but it does feel like that chapter is written particular for me and perhaps many other in Taiwan in this moment.

Some people feel Taiwan's politics as being chaotic beyond comprehension. Sometimes even I feel quite clueless. But after reading that chapter a lot of things seem to clear up in my mind.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Nice Article by Mr. Tkacik

A very well written article by Mr. Tkakik. A few points in the article that I find them a bit shocking but actually explain a lot of my puzzling over the US policy on Taiwan:

Point 1:
Unfortunately, “geostrategic considerations,” when it comes to Taiwan (or China, for that matter) have long been absent in Washington policy circles. Former intelligence officer and White House Asia expert Robert Suettinger, in his book Beyond Tiananmen, admits that “the notion that American policy [toward China] is directly driven by strategic considerations ... is grossly inaccurate.” It had been driven instead by business pressures — if not by sheer intellectual inertia — long after the US’ strategic imperatives with proudly authoritarian China evaporated in the 1992 collapse of the Soviet Union and the 1989 reversal of China’s political reforms at Tiananmen.
I found this paragraph a bit shocking because I always thought the US official would be on top of things but looks like they weren't. That actually explains one of the reason why sometimes I feel the US Taiwan policy to be constantly inconsistent and contradictory to the general US principles...and a lot of times seem to go against Taiwan's interests.

Point 2:
“Fantasy” indeed. As my friend Yuan Peng, a think tank researcher for China’s intelligence services, has written: “In the world today, virtually all of America’s adversaries are China’s friends.” You name them: North Korea, Burma, Iran, Sudan, Zimbabwe, Syria, Hamas (through Syria) and Hezbollah, have I missed any? China gives them both weapons they use in the field and diplomatic cover they need in the UN. Why? As China’s foremost US expert, professor Wang Jisi (王緝思), has said: “Facts prove that it is beneficial for [China’s] international environment to have the United States — both militarily and diplomatically — deeply and inextricably sunk in the Middle East.” This has nothing to do with Taiwan, and everything to do with China’s freedom of action in Asia.
I have been suspicious about this for some time, but I never piece the evidences together...after reading this paragraph, a lot of things happened in the past few years start to make a lot of sense.

After reading this article a lot of things seem to become clear to me...a lot of "why" in my mind seem to find their answers...very nicely written.

Friday, April 24, 2009

Recent Situation

Very busy recently with other stuff, so not a lot of time for blogging. Unfortunately, things seem to be heating up once again. My thoughts on recent news in Taiwan:

ECFA Progress
This is probably still one of the most important issue Taiwan faces now. But for a few weeks it's side tracked by other incidents in Taiwan (Kou Racist statement...etc)

I think this editorial sum up the fear a lot of people have on Ma's ECFA policy: LINK

It's my observation that the concerns are domestic. The US think tanks etc don't seem to be concern at all. There are of course people in the US expressing the concern, but there are those in the US expressing very optimistic view. But the concern from Taiwanese seems to be more one sided. I think this is no without good reasons, because in the past Ma has done to many of these "saying one thing and doing the opposite." In another words, his credential is very low in a lot of people's mind now, domestically.

Despite this, Ma still pushes very hard for ECFA. His government even fake the survey to do this (come on, 70%?!, that's ridiculous comparing to survey done by others). This action makes me even more suspicious...who is backing him up? and what does he want to achieve by forcing things through?

Loose Screws
Recently there are a lot of loose screws news in Ma government. One official went on dating during office hour using official car, and later didn't receive any punishment what so ever. Just a simple "no next time" and that's it. Other loose screws including national security adviser's wife going to China to sell her books and fruit punch processors. Again, there was no punishment. There are others but I cannot recall them all right now. All these activities break the law and regulations...but none receive any punishment. The good thing is that these incidents show that some Taiwanese news media is still operational and doing their jobs of "supervising" the government. The bad thing is that the Rule of Law, which is already not very strong, seems to be degenerating into the Rule of Emperor Ma...

The Anti-Democracy Waves
There seem to be a trend now for business and entertainment people from Hong Kong and even Taiwan itself to devalue Taiwan's democracy, praising China's authoritarian rule and advocating the old "Greater China" idea. The most recent one is Jackie Chan (that's right, the so called "international" star, Jackie Chan). After his stupid remarks, he was attacked by media and politicians alike, from both Taiwan and Hong Kong. Of course, he probably still felt very satisfied because obviously his master, Chinese government, gave him great praise for his "patriotism" and "wisdom." Plus, he still gets to live outside of does he care? Nope. Of course, after this incident, his newest movies box office hit the fact, it seems no body in Taiwan watch it. The news report I read said 1 theatre in KS city only sold 2 tickets in 1 week...well, I don't know which 2 fools actually went to see it, but that's still very impressive. I hope that movie can make the record of the least watched movie in Taiwanese history. This is also not the first time that Jackie Chan insults Taiwan...I think this is the 3rd time. Not only this, he also defends Chinese government's action in Tibet before I think.

But on the other hand, I think Jackie Chan is just a small potato...there are bunch of other influential people in Asia who will not hesitate in praising Chinese rule, including the owner of 旺旺 corporation. Of course, it's their freedom to express their opinion, but it's also our freedom to voice our disagreement loudly and boycott their products.


Overall I am very optimistic about Taiwan's future...but now Taiwan seems to be facing a big crisis, but I hope it can prevail.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Interesting Conference.

Very interesting conference...some of stuff these 2 guys said I never even thought of before...very interesting.