Friday, May 29, 2009

Actually...This is So True

The interview on Taipei Times sounds kind of funny, but actually it fits so well with the situation:

INTERVIEW: Taiwanese have Stockholm syndrome: psychiatrist

Actually I think I saw another of this guy's interview a while ago...but I think maybe during that time the "symptom" is not very clear to me...but now more I think about it, the more of what he described make sense to me. It fits very well with the logical holes I find listening to opinions from different average Taiwanese. I find it especially true to my parents' generation (40 to 60 years old). Even the ones that are not pan blue have these symptoms. Some people have more severe symptoms than others. Although I personally knew a few younger people having similar problems, I am not too sure about my own generation in general...which is kind of weird, probably because younger people usually don't have enough confidence to voice their own opinion.

The bright side of things are there are quite some people already free from this entanglement...the only problem is can they help others to set themselves free.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Great Editorial By Taiwan News

Great editorial on Taiwan News: Taiwan economy needs reform more than PRC

The conclusion is particularly strking:
Taiwan now is paying the price for the KMT's "scorched earth" strategy that succeeded in "persuading" the electorate to give it power again and for the KMT's obsession with "great China" and its lack of a genuine Taiwan-centric vision grounded in reality.
Isn't that the KMT's plan all along and isn't that a concise and clear summary of Taiwan's past few years?

Actually, history does repeat itself. After KMT took over Taiwan, it pillages (scorched earth once again) Taiwan to the ground. Afterward, it just claims the credit of Taiwan's economic recovery from that calamity. Then it claims that it is the only party that knows economics...

If they haven't been to Taiwan, Taiwan might be 10 times better. Such thuggish deception...but it is the Taiwanese fault to let them deceived us for such a long time, even till this day.

Just Ridiculous

Ma's government recent attempt to pass bill allowing Chinese investment in BOT projects of major national and public utility is just getting ridiculous. Why some Taiwanese tolerates such intolerable insult and blunt surrendering posture of Ma is beyond my comprehension...

Do we actually need Chinese in our BOT project that bad? What is the benefits of that? Why risk so much for absolutely no gains?

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Interesting Opinions And Data on Economics

Taipei Times has this piece on the economy.

Interesting, will look further into it later.

UPDATE: Liberty Times has another one: LINK

These data are very important I think. DPP and other pan green organization should spread these informations. The China fever has cool down considerably but a lot of people still have these false concept of China is the only hope for Taiwan's economy.

It's a simple strategy. KMT try to advocate buying product X with sovereignty. DPP can counter this by advocating the importance and benefits of sovereignty, at the same time reveal that product X does not worth that much.

It is like telling someone don't buy a piece of chicken leg with one's own life.

Monday, May 25, 2009

Taiwan Matters' Critics on China Post

Taiwan Matters had a nice critic on a crazy editorial of China Post.

I highly doubt that any sane person with reasonable judgement would still read China Post, but it is still scary to see what kind of non-sense it is trying spread. If someone lacking a fundamental logic and judgement ability, such as a child, picks it up and read it...well, you don't know if he/she will take it seriously or not. That is where this type of thing is dangerous.

Even today, I occasional see some 20ish Taiwanese, who is knowledgeable in everything except this type of thing. Their concepts of nation, nationalism, Taiwan, political parties...are all illogical and blurry. Can't really blame them...since a lot of people tried to keep all these things blurry, which just result in a huge mess, and in this mess, propaganda machine like China Post can make their infiltration.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Thought on 陳菊's Visit to China

Looking around a bit and watching those talk show I think this piece is the most well written since it touches on and evaluate most of the aspect of the visit, and I think most rational people would agree that in this visit, China wins, DPP does not win, and KMT lost.

As the article mentioned, China wins simply because its government can manipulate and censor the media. A local governor of Taiwan visiting Beijing is very easily manipulated to a local governor of "China" visiting Beijing. Certainly to the average Chinese citizens, the DPP of Taiwan has kowtowed to the their central government. CCP's seat of power of course looks more stable than ever, even during the economic darker time.

Those that think that 陳菊 strikes a blow to China by announcing ROC sovereignty in China are being too naive I think. Here is my reasoning:
  • China does not care if you call yourself ROC or not, especially if you are in China. Because to them ROC and PRC are both concept of a China that has Taiwan as part of it. Certainly, it does not matter to CCP if PRC just change their name to ROC, as long as CCP is still in power.
  • Media censorship can prevent any manifestation of this declaration. But even if there are no censorship, due to 陳菊's status as a mayor, what 陳菊 said really does not matter. The media manipulation is just there to give CCP a popularity contest boost.
To the KMT, I think this is a gigantic blow. Now it almost looks like they have been side lined. Certainly what they did in the past few years looks very cowardly and naive. It definitely looks like they have lost the ROC standard. They only use this ROC title domestically now to rally those who is foolish enough to still support them.

To the DPP I think it is not too big of a deal. The visit did not stray away from the current DPP doctrine. However, I think the current DPP doctrine can only achieve "status quo" and cannot achieve full independence from ROC and PRC...this DPP has to keep in mind and be flexible to change its doctrine, in order to achieve its goal. Of course, it is best to have another strong TI political party to keep DPP in check, but right now the KMT is still too strong. KMT has to be marginalized first in order for another political party to exist...That just sounds very difficult lol. But who knows, future is very unpredictable, especially in Taiwan.

I think DPP needs to formulate its China policy of course. But during their formulation, they need to remember what their long term goal is. To take the ROC standard that has been thrown away by KMT might not be the wisest thing to do. It is best to be able to use a Taiwan standard and declare Taiwan sovereignty, not ROC sovereignty. Don't just act like some hero jumping into dragon's mouth. That is not true valour. First, know what the goal is, then evaluate if the goal is worthy. Only then should DPP take action. Especially to 呂秀蓮...I hope she knows what she is doing. Because it certainly sounds a bit like she is looking at this as some kind of fashion show.

This type of things I guess all pan green supporters will keep watching and observe the development. Of course most people have no doubt about DPP's loyalty to Taiwan, but if DPP is foolish and naive, its loyalty to the TI cause does not matter.

UPDATE: Another very interesting view on this - LINK This view is more negative, but I find its view also very reasonable. It indeed looks kind of foolish that DPP has picked up the ROC standard that KMT has thrown away. Indeed there is no wonder that the pan blue media gave her all the praise and the Beijing Mayor is all smiling, because all of these is within their "perimeter." It's like a dog on a leash, it might bark a lot, but it still does nothing concrete. The only good thing is it has created some damage to the KMT, but I am sure even this damage is within CCP's calculation (and perhaps even KMT already predicted it). All I can say is...this is a real double edged sword, and if DPP only acts with blind sense of "fashion" or foolish "bravery," it will kill itself.

Friday, May 22, 2009

Some Interesting Stuff On May 21st Taipei Times

Taipei Times' May 21st Issue has a lot of interesting stuff. I will just save them here for record keeping.

Some interesting reports regarding Ma's first year.

The weirdest thing I found is about Maokong Gondola. Gondola lift system is not some cutting edge construction, but Ma can make it such a disastrous project. Even before the suspense of service due to erosion of the towers' foundation, the system has a lot of problems. The ones I can recall:
  • The imported carts are not suitable for the warm climate in Taiwan. It's most likely used in western European climate like the one in France. The result is unbearable suffocation for the passengers, and they have to give small fans to the passengers and also tried to remedy the situation by poking holes in on the floor and ceiling of the carts.
  • Constant temporary suspension due to small lightning storm etc.
  • Some "stop and go" problems during operations.
It's quite obvious. The system is not that complex, but he can still messed it up. How come Taiwanese still voted for him?

Forth Scholars' Letter to Ma
The forth one...and if we look at it with the previous 3, I think it's obvious things these scholars paid attention to only gotten much worse. I think it's quite obvious Ma did not listen.

US congressman Ed Royce call for overhaul of Taiwan policy
This is an interesting proposal. Some of it might not be possible, but it shows that at least some politicians in the US start to move their attention back to Asia Pacific.

-10.24% First Quater GDP...A Bit Shocking

I wonder if others actually expect the statistic to be this bad.

Even I did not expect to see such number. I think it might be because all the other recent news seem to indicate the economy is bottoming out and on the way to recovery. Especially the stock market was all up.

But now I am really wondering if there are conspiracy behind the market surge...Although all the international market was up, but TAIEX seems to go up way too much. The market is supposedly an indication of the future economic development, so it is plausible that the economic condition in the later part of 2009 or even the 2nd quarter will be much better. Still, -10% is a bit shocking, and it seems to indicate Ma's government was trying to paint an unrealistic rosy picture.

But still, I feel economy, does not matter how bad it is, will eventually recover (unless Ma is really so bad that he actually destroys Taiwan's economic foundation, and the whole system falls apart ><). Economy is important, but what's more important is stopping KMT's selling out of Taiwan. Economy can recover, but sovereignty could be lost forever.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Protests in Geneva

Thanks those who protested at Geneva.

You were great.


My Thoughts On 517

First of all I would just like to say: thanks all those who participate in 517...

I am not an expert in demonstration, so I am just writing some of my thoughts, not really offering solid advices or criticism here.

Let me start from the simplest one...I don't know about others, but one thing I don't like about DPP's demonstration style are the background music during speeches. I think it actually distracts people from what the speaker is really saying. Plus it seems to supposed stir up emotion. But first of all I don't think emotion can really helps in defeating Ma's government. To undo our fellow citizens' mistake during election, we needs common senses, reasons and instinct to convince them that Ma and the KMT is deceiving them. We have to give them reasons and proofs, so they can judge by themselves. That is the only way they can perhaps realize their mistakes. Already a lot of people did, but many more needs to this reasoning. Secondly, the music just sounds cheesy with the speeches. Again I am not a demonstration expert, and many people might like it, but I am just offering my personal opinion. lol

Another issue a lot of people seem to have is the purpose, the intention of DPP and how it should end. This is a tough issue I think. And it generate a lot of energetic debates amoung pan green supporters.

I personally hoped that this demonstration could have accomplished more. So it was a little disappointment when it seems to end without accomplishing much. I think a lot of people feel that way. But then I thought of it another way...perhaps our expectation is just too high. Rationally, how much can we actually accomplish with just one massive demonstration. We need a lot more than just one demonstration to change the current course. Some people think that people should stay longer, until May 20...but what happen after May 20? Should people stay even longer? Because I highly doubt that Ma will actually care to consolidate even if people sit there until May 20...Of course I don't know for sure, but I feel that's what he will do. He will ignore the demonstrators and continue his course, while his pan blue media cronies continue to smear the rally with whatever reasons they can find.

I saw a lot of good suggestions etc in plurk, but the funny thing is a lot of them contradict each others. So while they all seem to be good suggestions and ideas, you cannot really do them all at once. I think Mr. Hsieh of DPP addressed this most elegantly. I think what he said basically translate to "ideas, critism and suggestions are all good, but don't make divisions. And during implementation, make sure one idea, not 2 or 3, is followed through, so there is a unifying power." I think he is quite right. It is good and healthy that people have different ideas etc. It is even critical to have another political party if Taiwan gets rid of KMT one day. But during demonstration, it is probably better if everyone is on the same step.

Overall I think it's a good demonstration, but there are rooms for improvement. And to those who think it was a waste of effort, I would say...that is exactly what KMT wants you to feel: despair. Don't give up, this is only the beginning. And I am sure the effect of demonstration is already there, although we cannot see it on the surface to quantify it. I think a lot of people, inside and outside of DPP, is still working hard to safeguard Taiwan after 517.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

The Global Media Battlefield

Nicely written editorial expressing the frustration in the international media.

I have noticed this for a very very long time. I want to yell to CNN, AP, Reuter, BBC and all those media stop spreading CCP and KMT propaganda. Stop the shallow reporting and get to the real truth. But of course I can't. I am but a tiny voice compare to those giant media corporations. But I know I am right and they are wrong.

Western media always, and I mean ALWAYS, follow exactly the view from CCP and KMT. They think they have a "balanced" view because hey, it's CCP and KMT, they are "rivals", and thus it's balanced. Wrong! Wrong! Wrong! My ignorant media friends, you are missing a whole chunk of a picture - the view from Taiwan's perspective. How can that be balanced reporting? Furthermore, CCP and KMT are made out of the same materials. That's balanced view? I also find some of their reporting extremely and down right insulting to Taiwanese.

God, I just wish those media can really take note of Taiwan's view, not just KMT and CCP view. Perhaps I cannot really blame those media...after all, KMT and CCP have been spreading propaganda on this for 50 years, while we Taiwanese just only recently start to awake from KMT propaganda....But I just wish this situation will change.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

DPP's New English Blog wouldn't make sense if I don't post a link here, because it's actually a big news :)...but I am sure most people know about this site by now lol

Friday, May 15, 2009

Another Nice Editorial

Deep and thorough analysis of the past one year and summaries of many good reasons for the 517 protest. Nicely done, TaiwanNews.

The Force is indeed strong.

70% and 56.1%: The Effect of Chinese Influence in Media And The Problems of Fake Polls

This news prompt me to think more about this recent polling. I think that some manipulation was done on the survey of ECFA and the approval rating etc.

The poll by MAC that shows 70% support for ECFA is obviously problematic, because other polls done by media (even some pan blue ones) show the support to be much lower. Furthermore, a poll by a magazine shows that 80% of CEO and managers in Taiwan don't know what exactly ECFA entails. It's no secret that a lot of people, even some government officials, don't know exactly the content of ECFA. That's why DPP continues to call for referendum on ECFA and transparency on the dealing with China. The problem is can people support it if they don't even know what it is exactly? There is something fishy about the survey...and again MAC tried to hide the details of it, like what questions were asked etc, further proving that there is something wrong with it.

The 56.1% is perhaps not so obvious a fake given that recently the stock market in Taiwan went up and there are signs of economic recovery in Taiwan (and around the world). It's not impossible that Ma's approval rating went up a bit (since some Taiwanese still look at things only through stock market and their own narrow perception about economy), but can it actually goes up that much? It's not obvious until you look at who did the survey - China Times. That newspaper company is now owned by the Won-Won Corp. owner. This guy, as everyone knows, has submit himself to CCP. A few months ago he even said something like he bought those media to serve the CCP. China Times was originally already a pan-blue media...but now it's obvious it's a pan-red media. Given the background, this poll result can be clearly disgarded because it's most likely just there to serve CCP purpose. Also, it came in very timely, right before 517. It sure feels like a propaganda warfare from the CCP side. (You can find quite some info on how the media/propaganda warfare were conducted by Communist parties in Eastern Europe, German, South East Asia, and even the US itself during the Cold War.) And that's exactly what KMT chairman John Wu did: using a fake survey to invalidate DPP's action.

Some might wonder, why don't they just put 80% if they want to fake it? Ah, but that's against the strategy of propaganda. If they made it 80%, not 56.1%, would anyone believe that? It has to be made plausible to be of any success. The 70% done by MAC was obviously a failure. This 56.1% has more chance of deceiving the public.

I learned in my Statistic class that it's very easy to "lie" with statistics. Polling is an important part of the statistic analysis, and I think it's very easy to generate faulty result from it if one is not careful in the process. If it's easy to generate faulty result unintentionally, then obviously it's very easy to generate faulty result if one conducts the polls with the intention of getting certain result or tries to manipulate the polls by asking improper question or using improper sample selection methods.

The problem is, once again, can the public realize the deception? Or will they submit to the whim of KMT/CCP?

Counting Down to 517

517 is coming close...

Unfortunately I am not able to attend this historical rally, because I am currently outside of Taiwan. But I hope a lot of people will attend...I think this is only the beginning , but it's also a turning point.

It's not just about economy or's also about many other things that mean much more...

I also threw in some donation as my way of supporting the cause because I cannot physically be there...Might not help much, but that's all I can do now :( I also hope other Taiwanese outside of Taiwan can help out anyway they can.

Recently I saw Tamil Tigers' protest in Toronto on news...unfortunately it's probably too late for them. Although I don't understand much their struggle, I know quite some of them in Canada support their cause through different ways. Taiwan is probably luckier than the Tigers, but if we sit around and do nothing, one day we might have to do this protest, like the Tigers, in Washington DC, with no hope of changing anything.

Some info on 517:

Another Example

Another example of Ma's 2 hands strategy.

It makes me angry to see this kind of thing. But then after some thought, I realize isn't KMT always like this? During White Terror (Martial Law) era, they call themselves Free China. They call themselves democratic when in fact they know nothing about democracy.

I think it's just in their culture to use a lot of fancy words and advocating fancy moral values when in fact they don't understand them and act in the exact opposite of those values. It looks good on the surface but it's just a disgusting act of pretension.

It's also worth noting that China also signed this 國際人權公約. What's the use? It's just a piece of toilet paper in the eyes of KMT and CCP.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Open Letter from Tsai

Open letter from Ms. Tsai.

Nicely written.

Universities Way Too Romantic?

This is really amusing. I think this professors thought too highly of themselves and too optimistic.

Even writers from Hong Kong complains about Chinese students in Hong Kong being watchdogs and pets of Chinese Communist Party. Can they learn something that is truely valuable from Hong Kong, I don't think so. And is Taiwan any different? No.

And let's take a look back of what Ma did in Harvard, shall we? He is a "professional" student paid by KMT to study in Harvard, but more importantly, to watch those TI supporters in the US. A lot of TI supporters are put into black list because of him. He also write article that supports KMT's dictatorship and was an editor of a pro-KMT magazine. Just reading some of the stuff he wrote and you realize he learn nothing from the US culutre. Of course he denies and avoid the topic now, but the evidences are very strong. Indeed, looking at his behavior and attitude you wonder if he actually learned anything in Harvard. Even now I wonder if his former teacher in Harvard, Mr. Cohan, is very disappointed (humm...kind of like Star Wars once again...turning to the dark side?! lol). He certainly voiced his concern on the justice system deteriation in Taiwan numerous times recently...but looks like his former student doesn't listen and instead falls even further to the dark side. haha...this quote from Star Wars just fit so well:
Ma: I've been waiting for you, Cohan. We meet again, at last. The circle is now complete. When I left you, I was but the learner; now *I* am the master.
Cohan: Only a master of evil, Ma.

So yea...I think those Universities just think too much, too idealistic and too ambitious. They should focus on producing more good leaders in various field for Taiwan FIRST before they daydream about producing presidents for another country.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

On Open Trade

Nice analysis I think. This is a very interesting and actually a tough issue.

When it comes to trade with China etc I always find it complicated and a lot of times I have contradictory thoughts on it. I think maybe a lot of people in Taiwan also have similar experience.

On the one hand, I like the classical liberal idea of open trade etc. Trades can benefit all those who involve, and as the article mentioned, it might decrease the possibility of open military hostility. I am currently reading the Constitution of Liberty by Mr. Hayak, a classical liberalist. I like a lot of his ideas. I think Taiwan has some good traits that is mentioned in the book, and I hope Taiwan can adopt more of this liberal ideas in the future.

On the other hand, I just cannot convince myself that open trade with China is a good idea, and here is a few reasons:
  • Although China seems to have a free market, its government actually has a huge control in their economy. A lot of their big business people have close tie with the communist party and the government can still use arbitrary coercion on anyone who might disagree with the government. Is a complete open trade with such nation really a good idea? Taking this idea of trading with such government to extreme...for example, should the US and UK trade with Nazi German before WW2, even when Hitler openly announced his hostility against the UK in German's national assembly? We all know many corporations such as IBM and other raw material manufacturers etc trade with Nazi German...but if they trade a lot more with German would it even prevent WW2? I wonder what would Mr. Hayak say about this...
  • What Stops a country like China from using the economic trade as a leverage? In most of other country like Japan and the US, it might be harder to do, because economic powers are delegated to many different individuals, and the government cannot just step in and say you should do this and that. Especially in the US, their citizens always question the government and remain critical. But in China, it's kind of different. As mention before, Chinese government still has huge control on the economy. It also has full control on the justice system and the media. Such country can use trade as a leverage, or even weapon I think. Of course, such weapon is a double edged sword and they might hurt themselves a bit in the process...but if it can kill its enemy, like Taiwan Indepedence, then why not?
Well...I guess we just have to be pragmatic about this. To the other countries, we can stick more to the basic principle of open trade, because there are no complication or hostility...but to China, I don't think we can just do it based on one ideological principle.

The "Good" Old KMT Strategy: Tell Others to Bury Their Heads in The Sand

KMT (and Ma) has once again call on all citizens to bury their heads in the sand.

It's just interesting that KMT seems to always live in a state of denial. They could have just acknowledged the existence of such thing, and proposed what they would do about it. Instead, they once again hide their heads under the sand and deny the existence of such document, when it is well known that such document exists.

It's the same type of denial they have for the past 50 years. Once they even call themselves "Free China" when in reality they are just a government in exile that created 228 massacre in Taiwan and oppressed Taiwan population under martial laws for 40 years. Unfortunately , through their brain washing education system a lot of Taiwanese listened to them and bury their heads under the sand with them.

The list of examples can go on and on, including their attitude to foreign policy etc...

I am just wondering how much longer will those Taiwanese that still bury their heads under the sand stop to do so...

hey, stop mimicking us

UPDATE: Just thought of another thing...Looks like nowadays KMT are denying not just for themselves, but for China's benefits as well. Take this one for example...Ma is denying it also because he wants to maintain China's "good will" image. He doesn't want to make China look hostile or frightening. When you actually read the MOU, you will notice how thuggish Chinese government is. That's also what Ma is denying.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Interesting One

I wonder what kind of opinion he has on Taiwan's current situation...and if there is anyone in Taiwan who can talk to him about this...

Interesting Graph

Graph in Chinese
Graph in English

Thanks BillyPan and Echo for uploading the graphs. It is actually very interesting...

First thing to note is all the survey number in the graph are done by pan-blue media (UND, TVBS and China Times). So the validity of it is questionable. Ma's actually support might be much lower, and Chen had 82% support? Was that even possible? I wonder if there are data from pan-green media which we can double check on this. Because I sense something fishy about this data.

The second thing to note is, as BillyPan observed, Chen's support was always higher than Ma's. This is actually kind of weird...because Ma had a landslide victory over Hsieh and got 70% of vote (if I remember correctly). In another word, he got more percentage of vote than Chen!!! Both Chen's elections was a huge struggle. The first one was even due to the division of KMT. The second one he only won by 0.228%. But the survey shows that Ma's support is already much lower than 70% one month after he took office...This is just kind of shocking...and what is the possible explanation? I think one possible reason is just that at least 20% of people who voted for him realized they have been hustled. It becomes clear Ma is not that good, and his economic policy was kind of BS.

The third thing that appear very interesting to me the f**k did Chen get 82% of support after he took office? During election, fewer than 50% voted for him, but after election practically everyone supported did this work? And then soon after the support slides down dramatically. I think this might be due to some economic issues. Not sure...

A lot of people said pan green is weak and losing support...but if we think about it, the pan green camp had at least 40% solid supporters. Even during legislator election, the pan-green got approximately 40% of votes. It's just because the way electoral area are drawn, only 27 DPP members got elected. It's an under represented 40%. Also, this 40% came during the time of pan-green turmoil. Of course, not everyone in pan-green is happy with DPP's performance, but the point is what kind of ideal they support is quite clear. The other 60% I think quite a lot of them just didn't see or know what kind of party KMT is, and a lot of them can be convinced at least on some issues to support pan green's cause. So I think for sure, many pan-green will feel despaired when in fact they might not have to because there are many others who have the similar ideology. The problem to stop Ma with this support and how to alarm more people of the possible crisis.

Tsai's Speech at GWU

Courtesy of Michael Turton: Link

Monday, May 11, 2009

The Pattern of Ma's Behavior

The report hits me once again about how persuasive Ma can be sometimes, especial when the interviewers or the reporters who asked the questions are pro blue (which CTV is). But further examination about his past behavior shows that he is a very authoritarian and deceptive person. Unfortunately I think not everyone has enough time, cynism, memory and critical thinking skills to see through his deception. Heck, even I feel like believing him, but when I think back about his past behavior, I realize 99.99% he is just trying to decieve the public again.

I thought it would be interesting to categorize a few pattern of Ma's deceptive behavior:

Pattern 1: Term Manipulation (Change The Glass without Changing the Wine)
I think this interview with CTV also falls into one of this pattern. If you look into what he said in the past, you realize he does this constantly. Mainly he uses this technique to divert criticism and attention when he is trying to push for some policy. Following is a few example:
  • Change the term CEPA to CECA to ECFA: because CEPA reminds people of Hong Kong, Ma change the term 3 times, but the purpose or content never changes. In fact, there was little revelation about the specifics of CEPA(CECA, ECFA) . The latest survey shows even 80% of CEO in Taiwan don't know the treaty contains or suppose to contain.
  • The Promise of No One China Market: the One China Market was originally promoted by the current vice president. But during election, he said there won't be any one China market. But if we observe carefully, after election, everything they do is going toward One China Market policy. They just don't use the name and do it piece meal style. Again, change the name to no name, but no change in the content.
  • Draft a New Parade Law That is Actually More Restrictive: Because of the "wild strawberry" student movement, a new parade law that is supposed to give the protesters more freedom actually turn into something that gives the police practically unlimited power. Under that law, the police can arbitrarily define their restricted area and can fine the organizers unlimited times. What stops the police from making the whole island restricted area? Although it's forcefully blocked by DPP but it's just another example of how Ma tries to package something foul with new boxes.
  • No Sunshine in the new Sunshine Policy: Similar situation as the one above. The new anti-corruption law that just got passed actually doesn't do anything. I don't remember the specific details because it was passed 2 months ago I think, but I remember a lot of it is quite ridiculous. The useless law is setup with a name just so Ma can fulfill his promise during election and make himself look good.
  • Annexation VS. Peace Treaty: Again after people accusation, he try to repackage what he said. Of course we cannot be sure just what exactly he is trying to do just base on what he says. Base on past experience, a lot of time he just tries to sneak something bad under a nice name. In this case, "PEACE" is the beautiful package paper he uses to wrap around his policy. The problem is after all these can we still trust this guy? And what kind of "peace" is he talking about? Slavery is quite peaceful as well. Surrendering is PEACE. Selling out Taiwan is peace. No offense to His Holiness, Dalai Lama, but Ma can sell Taiwan out and become another Dalai Lama. Tibet signed a peace treaty with China right before it was annexed. And the good old Lama now travel around the world promoting PEACE while lots of Tibetan got killed in Tibet. Ma can do the same thing. Sign the peace treaty, wipe the dust off his butt, let China take over Taiwan, and go to the US of A to promote PEACE and enjoy his luxury life. Maybe he will even get a Nobel Peace Price as well. (OK, I might not be saying the right thing because I am a bit pissed off but my point is clear. )
Pattern 2: Two Hands Strategy (Or Should I Say Pretend to Be An Innocent Girl Strategy)
This strategy is used very often by Chinese Communist Party. Now Ma is adapting it to the fullest toward its own citizen. Basically, in this strategy, Ma "let the dog out, " stand by and watch the fight, and then come out pretend to be a innocent and say something that sounds righteous. Here are some examples:
  • Most recent one, "the students got beat up in Tainan" incident
  • A news camera man got hit by riot police
  • The Police Confiscated and Broke the Flag incident
  • The Japan Ambassador incident
There are probably a lot others, but these 3 I remembered well. In every case, his subordinate did something unthinkable to shocking etc. The Ma will later come out and say something nice, and pretend as if all these have nothing to do with him. But then, he does not punish those official that did such things. Some even got promoted.

Pattern 3: False Advertisement

This one is quite self-evident. Just go back and watch his electoral campaign commercials on YouTube now. I don't know if you will laugh or cry.

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Count Down to 517 Protest: Still One more Requirement

We are now approximately 1 week until the 517 protest. The number of protesters and the validity of the protest are all good. But as some others pointed out before, it still lacks something: more clear demand.

Here is a protest's poster:

In it you can see only the "referendum on ECFA" is a clear demand. The others are goals and some demands that I think is a bit too general. The statement such as opposing One China Market is all good, but the question is how...that's where specific demand can help. For example, you might demand the government to stop the KMT and CCP platforms...or you can demand some official to step down etc...I am not good at this but just throwing out some examples.

The video on the site also shows the same deficiency in demand...Yea, the video is good, it contains information and evidence on how KMT is selling Taiwan out for their own profit, thus gives people a lot of reasons to support the protests. But again a clear demand might be desired. Maybe not in a video, but definitely it has to be made clear.

As for whether to have 2 protests, 1 in Taipei, 1 in Kaohsiung, or 1 protest in Taipei...I think it's best to have just 1 in Taipei. But again if people want to march in Kaohsiung, there is no harm there I think. But perhaps somehow using Internet and media, the 2 can be linked together to create concentration of forces, although physically separated...It demands some creativity, but I think it's possible. Plus it might even have some advantageous, who knows...

And I guess the old Ben Franklin's quote comes in handy once again:
By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.

Chen's Hunger Strike

Many reports on recent event on Chen's case.

Before I said...Chen's case is probably not an important topic in Taiwan, because Taiwan is facing a bigger problem (Ma government and his sell out to China). But now perhaps I would say Chen's case has became much more important...because the treatment to Chen has shown the pinnacle of great erosion in the judiciary system in Taiwan.

However, I would say although Lee is a very intelligent scientist, he should not say this:

He is right but he should not say this on TV I think...because obviously the pan Blue is going to use this to justify their own wrong doing...He is missing the point and not helping the situation. The point is the court is under heavy influence of KMT...actually this incident shows KMT controlling the judiciary system in Taiwan. Whether Chen apologize or not is not that important compare to the erosion of justice system in Taiwan. Further, I remember he apologize before already.

It is funny (or should I say disgusting) that no judge and prosecutors etc voice their concerns...even only Chen's lawyers, not other lawyers, criticize the situation. Instead, we have American, including Ma's former teacher in Harvard, writing the criticism. Here is one:

Friday, May 8, 2009

Key To Taiwan's Economy: Education, Not China

After reading this, I have one thought: the foundation of Taiwan's further economic progress is in education. Some people use various reason and excuses try to tie Taiwan's future with China, as if Taiwan has no future without China. But all the reasons or excuses only say that China is a possible place for investment, like anywhere else (South East Asia, Vietnam, Australia, US, Japan, Canada, etc etc). Of course many reasoning, such as China is hostile to Taiwan, can counter this, but the point is a place of investment is not "the future" of Taiwan.

Education, on the other hand, is the key investment to Taiwan's future. Unfortunately, although I know it's important, but I have no knowledge in how to improve education in Everyone knows the education system setup by KMT has a lot of problems, and DPP has made some improvement (during the process also creates some other problems, some might say), but it's not enough probably.

The link above and the resource in the log might provide some further answer.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Tsai in Washington

It's still too early to tell whether Tsai is a good leader, but I think she is definitely a pretty good diplomat.

I think what she said reflects truly a lot of Taiwanese concerns. It shows that she is in line and aware of people's worries, knows the problems of Ma's policy, and is able to voice these worries to Washington. But whether Washington gets it or not we cannot tell. But at the very least it was a good try.

I specifically like this quote:
We genuinely hope that confidence can be restored with Washington and that a strategic convergence of interests will emerge, while we continue to communicate our differences and concerns. It is not enough to say that we do not want to be troublemakers, for once we stop defending our interests when a world power finds us ‘troublesome,’ we will put ourselves in a position ever more vulnerable to the whims of Chinese pleasure or displeasure.
It's a nice one. It takes a very reasonable and firm stance but not confrontational...I think.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Democracy Does Not Equal Liberty

A lot of people who are concerned about Taiwan noticed the erosion of democracy in just the past 1 year. Although I agree with their observation, I think perhaps what has eroded even more is liberty and the rule of law.

A lot of people I think mix the term democracy with liberty, and thus they think democracy equals liberty. Although they are often related, strictly speaking they are not the same thing. Often they exist together, but there are cases where the country is democratic but is extremely lacking in liberty (a good example: Iran).

Most people probably won't feel it in their daily life etc. But there are already signs that liberty is eroded in Taiwan...:

1. The Chen Case: Ex-President Chen are still being hold in custody without good reasons. The justice system and prosecutors seem more determine to find him guilty than find the truth. The prosecutors also eves drop on Chen and his lawyer's meeting etc. Basically this shows the government's arbitrary coercion on people. Because I don't like you, so I can treat you unfairly...that's what the current government is doing.

2. No transparency on ECFA, Cross Straight Direct Link and other Treaties of KMT: Another type of arbitrary coercion. Basically the KMT and CCP negotiate some sort of treaties between themselves, and force people in Taiwan to accept them. ROC government officials again in this case is used to reinforce treaties that Taiwan has no knowledge or participation of.

PS: Interesting, as I am writing this, this post on Taipei times also shows similar opinion. I guess I am not the only one...The article is correct, it is possible to have a democracy without freedom and liberty...I know many people in Taiwan have the wisdom to realize this,...I just hope there are enough of them.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Attitude to Japan is Where Taiwan and ROC Differ

This editorial shows once again KMT's usual attempt to promote hate toward Japan to divert public attention to the more serious issue: KMT's ATTEMPT TO HELP CHINA ANNEXING TAIWAN.

The editorial is well written I think...but I would like to also see this incident from another point. And I believe viewing from my angle things become even more clearer than what the editorial says.

A lot of people (even some people in Green camp) want to promote the concept of "ROC == Taiwan" and "Taiwan == ROC." Or should I say that's actually the current general consensus in Taiwan. But this incident shows clearly where the entity of Taiwan and the entity of ROC differs.

The entity, ROC, is similar to PRC in its policy toward Japan. During normal time, they will say "we should promote peace between China and Japan." And they will maybe sign some treaties here and there. Sometimes PRC even acts as if it is superior to Japan etc. Those are all normal. But then every now and then, both ROC and PRC will promote hatred toward Japan to divert its domestic discontent. Japan should apologize to this. Japan should apologize to that. Some small island belong to us...etc. Regardless if their demand is valid or not, they always do these.

The entity, Taiwan, has a totally opposite policy toward Japan. Due to historical and perhaps other reasons, Taiwan and Japan are more friendly to each other in many different levels. Taiwan's view of Japan is much more moderate and stable than ROC, and there is no random outburst of hostility etc. A lot of people in Taiwan even consider Japan a closer ally than the USA.

I am not sure...I think perhaps it's time pan green group scrap the idea of ROC == Taiwan and Taiwan == ROC concept because clearly that does not seem to work out well for Taiwan. A new concept like Taiwan != ROC is required. New concept is always a minority in the beginning and goes against general knowledge, but if it speaks certain truth, there is a chance that it will gradually gain majority acceptance later.

Funny, right after I wrote those stuff this report shows up:
It just further proves my point. ROC and PRC have the same policy toward Japan. In another words, toward Japan, ROC and PRC see themselves as allies, and see Taiwan and Japan as enemies. It does not get clearer than this.

It's also interesting to note that on this topic, ROC and PRC both like to mix total different issues together in one argument. Like mixing "one China" policy with Taiwan status issues. I think they just want to make things unclear. The more clear things are, the more disadvantage to them.

And once again Ma came out to be the "good" guy. Ma himself started this twisted argument, which Saito replied. Then Ma's foreign officials attack Saito, and after they stir up the issue, Ma came out be the nice guy. It's the same pattern with Ma again and again.

But in the end this is just a diversion from the serious crisis Taiwan is facing now. But I think their diversion will fail, and instead more and more people will realize their deceptions.

Student Beaten Shows KMT Coercion and Ma's Fakeness

Again and again, violent incidents in Taiwan shows KMT's thuggish nature and Ma's pretentious nature.

Some might look at the 5 student protesters beaten by some temple "volunteer" and then arrested in Tainan and say what's the big deal but that is extremely shallow and foolish view. It has always been like this: KMT uses organized crime members and government authority like police to coerce others that hold different opinions. Taiwan is democratic but it still has a long way to go to achieve true liberty and rule of law, and KMT is one of the giant ugly parasite in Taiwan that's holding Taiwan back.

While KMT uses violence, they always use deception to coerce others. Police said they took the students to police station because they want to protect them. BS. Why didn't they take those thugs that beat the students to police station as well? If someone rubs an old lady on the street, who do the police arrest and bring to the station? The old lady or the rubber? This is always the KMT way, do something and later don't admit it and use pretty words and excuses that make no logical sense, trying to fool the public. If the media wasn't there, would the police try to find excuses? No, and definitely they will treat the students much worse.

But this police misconduct is only a skin deep view. Why do police act this way after Ma got elected? Because KMT coerce the police. That's right, they do these through promoting and firing police chief etc to set an example. Police that beat up protesters and shut down that music stores got promoted, while the previous police that practiced constrain in Tainan go fired. KMT has way too much influence in how police operate. One police even beat up the news reporter during Chen Yun-Ling's visit in Taipei, what makes those police so over zealous? When DPP was in power, there were a lot of protests by KMT as well, but the police never act like this.

Furthermore, the police just stand there and let the those thugs beat the students. And those thugs wore temple uniform. Now the temple organization says nothing about this incident. No apologies, no explaination, nothing. Furthur investigation is needed in this. But it's clear, a invisible and "evil", for the lack of better words, force is behind the police and the temple. Like I said before, Taiwan religious community are filled with KMT scum bags and I think this incident also shows it.

And then, Ma always used pretty words after the incident...for example, he said something like "people should be able to carry the national flag" after the police confiscate and broke those flags. Now he said something like those students protest should be allowed. Well, Mr. Ma, why don't just voice your concern to your police chief, make him punish those policemen that act inappropriately? Maybe you should consider firing your police chief because he certainly seems not up to the job. But instead, you promoted those that act violently. Mr. Ma is such a fake and pretentious person...I have never seen a person with such "thick face" and dishonesty, even in politicians. I hope more and more people can realize this.

Monday, May 4, 2009

Taiwan Religion Community Filled With Scums

Now I am not saying all religion in Taiwan is bad. Some of them are very nice. But that does not change the fact that for a very long time I notice a lot of scums in Taiwan's religious community.

And this recent event prove once again my point:

Wow...I have never seen religious people being so violent and hot tempered. Surely religious people should be even more peaceful and have wisdom to allow different voices. But look at this people, pushing and attacking young students. Even a normal non-religious person won't do such a thing. Does this religion makes people more violent or more peaceful? Well, IMO they neither make people more violent nor more peaceful, they only make people more stupid.

Furthermore, through out my life I have seen those so called spiritual leaders in Taiwan use religion to gain financial and political power. Scums. It is my hope that more Taiwanese become aware of these type of religious fakes, and choose their temples or churches etc carefully. Don't fall for those scums and follow them blindly...

UPDATE: Oh I think of it...a lot of those so called religious leaders in Taiwan are just KMT cronies. There are some religious leaders in Taiwan that truly have great wisdom, but a lot of them are simply fakes that are working for KMT. Damn...I just hope more people will see through deception instead of following some of those fools in their spiritual pursuit.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Another Thought on The Issue

Just had another thought on the previous post. Perhaps one simple way to look at the Taiwan status issue is this: Taiwan and Japan have similar fate after WW2, both are occupied by Allies power. Japan is occupied by the US, while Taiwan by the ROC. But the main point which must be made very clear, is that the US does not have sovereignty over Japan, and the ROC does not have sovereignty over Taiwan. They are simply occupying power, and they should be temporary. The problem is ROC, after the occupation, pillage Taiwan and decide not to leave. And after they lost the whole mainland, they become the government in exile in Taiwan. They are no different from the Tibet government in exile in India in their status. They are "borrowing" land in another people's territory to setup their government. The difference is India granted Tibet's wish to do so, but Taiwan is forced to accept ROC...and now they don't want to leave, and claim Taiwan to be part of China lol The only territory that rightfully belong to the ROC is the island of Kinmen and Matsu.

Looking at it this way, ROC is a really nasty parasite.

Friday, May 1, 2009

Yet Another KMT's (Ma's) Foolish Attempt

Yet again KMT (Ma) tried to manipulate history and historical documents to fool Taiwanese. This time it's the Taipei Treaty. But now Taiwan is equipped with much more knowledgeable people in this matter, and there are different media access for them to counter once again Ma's lunacy.

Several links on this topic:
There are a lot more articles on this, hopefully I will collect more links later. Actually if you read the Taipei Treaty yourself you will probably discover that Ma's claim is false. People probably don't need some experts telling them about this. But like Cairo Declaration myth, this type of propaganda tries to use the fuzziness and people's laziness to check the records themselves. So the more concrete counter attacks on this propaganda, the better.

Treaty of Taipei had no claim to sovereignty (From Taipei Times)
從國際法大師說起 (From Liberty Times, by 黃啟堯)
齋藤已給老馬面子 (From Liberty Times, by 沈建德)
台灣主權未定論 許世楷:日本外交界常識
Japan: Taiwan's status is unresolved (Another one from Michael Turton)
Letter to Taipei Times From Mr. Tkacik

Wow Too many links, maybe I will just put it on the side bar as well...just for the record.