Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Student Beaten Shows KMT Coercion and Ma's Fakeness

Again and again, violent incidents in Taiwan shows KMT's thuggish nature and Ma's pretentious nature.

Some might look at the 5 student protesters beaten by some temple "volunteer" and then arrested in Tainan and say what's the big deal but that is extremely shallow and foolish view. It has always been like this: KMT uses organized crime members and government authority like police to coerce others that hold different opinions. Taiwan is democratic but it still has a long way to go to achieve true liberty and rule of law, and KMT is one of the giant ugly parasite in Taiwan that's holding Taiwan back.

While KMT uses violence, they always use deception to coerce others. Police said they took the students to police station because they want to protect them. BS. Why didn't they take those thugs that beat the students to police station as well? If someone rubs an old lady on the street, who do the police arrest and bring to the station? The old lady or the rubber? This is always the KMT way, do something and later don't admit it and use pretty words and excuses that make no logical sense, trying to fool the public. If the media wasn't there, would the police try to find excuses? No, and definitely they will treat the students much worse.

But this police misconduct is only a skin deep view. Why do police act this way after Ma got elected? Because KMT coerce the police. That's right, they do these through promoting and firing police chief etc to set an example. Police that beat up protesters and shut down that music stores got promoted, while the previous police that practiced constrain in Tainan go fired. KMT has way too much influence in how police operate. One police even beat up the news reporter during Chen Yun-Ling's visit in Taipei, what makes those police so over zealous? When DPP was in power, there were a lot of protests by KMT as well, but the police never act like this.

Furthermore, the police just stand there and let the those thugs beat the students. And those thugs wore temple uniform. Now the temple organization says nothing about this incident. No apologies, no explaination, nothing. Furthur investigation is needed in this. But it's clear, a invisible and "evil", for the lack of better words, force is behind the police and the temple. Like I said before, Taiwan religious community are filled with KMT scum bags and I think this incident also shows it.

And then, Ma always used pretty words after the incident...for example, he said something like "people should be able to carry the national flag" after the police confiscate and broke those flags. Now he said something like those students protest should be allowed. Well, Mr. Ma, why don't just voice your concern to your police chief, make him punish those policemen that act inappropriately? Maybe you should consider firing your police chief because he certainly seems not up to the job. But instead, you promoted those that act violently. Mr. Ma is such a fake and pretentious person...I have never seen a person with such "thick face" and dishonesty, even in politicians. I hope more and more people can realize this.

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