Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Attitude to Japan is Where Taiwan and ROC Differ


This editorial shows once again KMT's usual attempt to promote hate toward Japan to divert public attention to the more serious issue: KMT's ATTEMPT TO HELP CHINA ANNEXING TAIWAN.

The editorial is well written I think...but I would like to also see this incident from another point. And I believe viewing from my angle things become even more clearer than what the editorial says.

A lot of people (even some people in Green camp) want to promote the concept of "ROC == Taiwan" and "Taiwan == ROC." Or should I say that's actually the current general consensus in Taiwan. But this incident shows clearly where the entity of Taiwan and the entity of ROC differs.

The entity, ROC, is similar to PRC in its policy toward Japan. During normal time, they will say "we should promote peace between China and Japan." And they will maybe sign some treaties here and there. Sometimes PRC even acts as if it is superior to Japan etc. Those are all normal. But then every now and then, both ROC and PRC will promote hatred toward Japan to divert its domestic discontent. Japan should apologize to this. Japan should apologize to that. Some small island belong to us...etc. Regardless if their demand is valid or not, they always do these.

The entity, Taiwan, has a totally opposite policy toward Japan. Due to historical and perhaps other reasons, Taiwan and Japan are more friendly to each other in many different levels. Taiwan's view of Japan is much more moderate and stable than ROC, and there is no random outburst of hostility etc. A lot of people in Taiwan even consider Japan a closer ally than the USA.

I am not sure...I think perhaps it's time pan green group scrap the idea of ROC == Taiwan and Taiwan == ROC concept because clearly that does not seem to work out well for Taiwan. A new concept like Taiwan != ROC is required. New concept is always a minority in the beginning and goes against general knowledge, but if it speaks certain truth, there is a chance that it will gradually gain majority acceptance later.

Funny, right after I wrote those stuff this report shows up:
It just further proves my point. ROC and PRC have the same policy toward Japan. In another words, toward Japan, ROC and PRC see themselves as allies, and see Taiwan and Japan as enemies. It does not get clearer than this.

It's also interesting to note that on this topic, ROC and PRC both like to mix total different issues together in one argument. Like mixing "one China" policy with Taiwan status issues. I think they just want to make things unclear. The more clear things are, the more disadvantage to them.

And once again Ma came out to be the "good" guy. Ma himself started this twisted argument, which Saito replied. Then Ma's foreign officials attack Saito, and after they stir up the issue, Ma came out be the nice guy. It's the same pattern with Ma again and again.

But in the end this is just a diversion from the serious crisis Taiwan is facing now. But I think their diversion will fail, and instead more and more people will realize their deceptions.

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