Monday, May 4, 2009

Taiwan Religion Community Filled With Scums

Now I am not saying all religion in Taiwan is bad. Some of them are very nice. But that does not change the fact that for a very long time I notice a lot of scums in Taiwan's religious community.

And this recent event prove once again my point:

Wow...I have never seen religious people being so violent and hot tempered. Surely religious people should be even more peaceful and have wisdom to allow different voices. But look at this people, pushing and attacking young students. Even a normal non-religious person won't do such a thing. Does this religion makes people more violent or more peaceful? Well, IMO they neither make people more violent nor more peaceful, they only make people more stupid.

Furthermore, through out my life I have seen those so called spiritual leaders in Taiwan use religion to gain financial and political power. Scums. It is my hope that more Taiwanese become aware of these type of religious fakes, and choose their temples or churches etc carefully. Don't fall for those scums and follow them blindly...

UPDATE: Oh I think of it...a lot of those so called religious leaders in Taiwan are just KMT cronies. There are some religious leaders in Taiwan that truly have great wisdom, but a lot of them are simply fakes that are working for KMT. Damn...I just hope more people will see through deception instead of following some of those fools in their spiritual pursuit.

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