Tuesday, May 19, 2009

The Global Media Battlefield


Nicely written editorial expressing the frustration in the international media.

I have noticed this for a very very long time. I want to yell to CNN, AP, Reuter, BBC and all those media stop spreading CCP and KMT propaganda. Stop the shallow reporting and get to the real truth. But of course I can't. I am but a tiny voice compare to those giant media corporations. But I know I am right and they are wrong.

Western media always, and I mean ALWAYS, follow exactly the view from CCP and KMT. They think they have a "balanced" view because hey, it's CCP and KMT, they are "rivals", and thus it's balanced. Wrong! Wrong! Wrong! My ignorant media friends, you are missing a whole chunk of a picture - the view from Taiwan's perspective. How can that be balanced reporting? Furthermore, CCP and KMT are made out of the same materials. That's balanced view? I also find some of their reporting extremely and down right insulting to Taiwanese.

God, I just wish those media can really take note of Taiwan's view, not just KMT and CCP view. Perhaps I cannot really blame those media...after all, KMT and CCP have been spreading propaganda on this for 50 years, while we Taiwanese just only recently start to awake from KMT propaganda....But I just wish this situation will change.

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