Monday, May 25, 2009

Taiwan Matters' Critics on China Post

Taiwan Matters had a nice critic on a crazy editorial of China Post.

I highly doubt that any sane person with reasonable judgement would still read China Post, but it is still scary to see what kind of non-sense it is trying spread. If someone lacking a fundamental logic and judgement ability, such as a child, picks it up and read it...well, you don't know if he/she will take it seriously or not. That is where this type of thing is dangerous.

Even today, I occasional see some 20ish Taiwanese, who is knowledgeable in everything except this type of thing. Their concepts of nation, nationalism, Taiwan, political parties...are all illogical and blurry. Can't really blame them...since a lot of people tried to keep all these things blurry, which just result in a huge mess, and in this mess, propaganda machine like China Post can make their infiltration.

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