Friday, May 22, 2009

Some Interesting Stuff On May 21st Taipei Times

Taipei Times' May 21st Issue has a lot of interesting stuff. I will just save them here for record keeping.

Some interesting reports regarding Ma's first year.

The weirdest thing I found is about Maokong Gondola. Gondola lift system is not some cutting edge construction, but Ma can make it such a disastrous project. Even before the suspense of service due to erosion of the towers' foundation, the system has a lot of problems. The ones I can recall:
  • The imported carts are not suitable for the warm climate in Taiwan. It's most likely used in western European climate like the one in France. The result is unbearable suffocation for the passengers, and they have to give small fans to the passengers and also tried to remedy the situation by poking holes in on the floor and ceiling of the carts.
  • Constant temporary suspension due to small lightning storm etc.
  • Some "stop and go" problems during operations.
It's quite obvious. The system is not that complex, but he can still messed it up. How come Taiwanese still voted for him?

Forth Scholars' Letter to Ma
The forth one...and if we look at it with the previous 3, I think it's obvious things these scholars paid attention to only gotten much worse. I think it's quite obvious Ma did not listen.

US congressman Ed Royce call for overhaul of Taiwan policy
This is an interesting proposal. Some of it might not be possible, but it shows that at least some politicians in the US start to move their attention back to Asia Pacific.

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