Tuesday, June 30, 2009



The first few minutes...really disgust and scare me. Is it really possible that Taiwan has people like that? What are the difference between them and those Chinese communist red guards during culture revolution (calamity)?

Fortunately, the video shows that there are some rational parents in that school.

There is some part of Taiwan's society that is really sick now. I just hope the sickness is not wide spread.

PS...Now I think of it...isn't this like a disease? CCP and KMT spread their Chinese culture revolution fever and their fanaticism to Taiwan. Now, it is up to Taiwan's rational and cool minds to be the immune system, to retaliate against this disease. Otherwise, this disease will certainly kill Taiwan...or rather, the vary soul of Taiwan.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Sigh...Ignorance, Fanaticism and Tyranny


Perhaps...this video sums up of what is happening in Iran...

Although I have nothing to do with Iran, I felt something stirring deep within my heart watching this video. Perhaps it's sadness, or something else...I don't know.

It reminds me of 228 as well...It's totally different situation, yea...but there are similarities...

Approximately half month before this thing happened in Iran, I was watching a TV program about Freemason, and one quote in the TV show stroke me and made an impression in my brain. Some dude (maybe a historian, I cannot remember) said something like, in Freemason's mythology, one always struggles against 3 things: Ignorance, Fanaticism and Tyranny.

Ignorance, fanaticism, tyranny...

Looking at what is happening in Iran and in Taiwan, ...ignorance, fanaticism and tyranny indeed.

It is Really Not Hard to See


This report reminds me again what I have been saying and what I have been thinking ever since Ma get elected. Over time a lot of things happened...but the basic trend does not change.

It is actually quite easy to see. It's like how drug dealing work. Someone for some reason are lured to try the drug because he/she does not have enough information or does not have a firm principle, and because he is under a lot of stress. The drug dealer acts all nice etc. But after the person become a drug addict, the drug dealer has total control over the person. The drug dealer sucks away all the money and dignity from the addict. The addict's life and his/her family's life are ruined, usually forever until death.

This is very similar to Taiwan's situation. Taiwan is under pressure (economic and internal politics). China is the drug dealer. China is attempting to make Taiwan addicted to a drug...a drug of economy and myth.

Too many people are greedy and do not care about anything else...like someone who is weak in mind and principles, and easily lured by temptation of something "magical" that can cure all the stress and worries of reality. Taiwanese need to be more aware of things other than money.

Saturday, June 27, 2009


Those KMT members are really shameless: http://www.shadowgov.tw/22597_0_is.htm

They know they are just playing politics. But they never thought what kind of danger and disadvantage they put Taiwan into? At the same time they accused others?


Friday, June 26, 2009

A Real Stupid Move by DPP

Someone needs to get DPP's attention to really reconsider this move...SERIOUSLY and SOON. This is a real stupid move. DPP needs to get the priority straight. This move for Taiwan is useless and has no point, and it will damage DPP in my opinion.

On the health side, I really don't see how US beef can cause health concern. Correct me if I am wrong, but the mad cow disease etc are no longer a problem to my knowledge. As long as Taiwan health official kept on top of things it should be fine to import cattle more than 30 months old and beef with bones. The situation is very different from Chinese milk problem because in that case Chinese milk producers intentionally add illegal substances into milk and Chinese officials were not able to discover the problem in time and intend to cover it up.

Also, to my knowledge, majority of Taiwan's beef are imported from Australia...and it seems Taiwan is treating the import from Australia and from the US differently...why? There is no good reason. It just seems to be a bit paranoid. Just because South Korean are crazy about this does not mean Taiwan has to follow their example. And to my knowledge South Korean reasoning are more due to economic concerns..., which Taiwan does not have because most of Taiwan's beef are imported from Australia.

DPP really needs to reconsider this move seriously. Unless they can really come up with solid reasons (like proof of mad cow diseases still going on in the US etc), they should drop this action. Otherwise, KMT will use this as a weapon against DPP. "Look, the paranoid DPP is trying to lock Taiwan from international market once again." I can just imagine they say something like that.

It makes sense to have good control over trade between China and Taiwan because China is not true free capitalist market. But the US is a totally different story. I do not see big harm in loosening of control of trade between Taiwan and the US. A lot of products, including agriculture, do not overlap, and the US market is more open and free than Chinese market.

Also, if it's DPP's policy to consider FTA with the US and other countries, which I believe is the case. DPP should not be against this beef import. DPP needs to consider this carefully. Instead of doing things like this...DPP should concentrate on stopping KMT from leaking agriculture technologies to China etc.

The Bottom Line...

Recently there are some new development in Chen's case, both from KMT and DPP side.

I have some personal feeling etc, and I am sure a lot of people do as well. However, personal feeling in this case are complicated, contradictory and hard to express. And everyone is a bit different...so it is probably not worth to spill it all over the place.

The simple fact is this. Before, Chen's case, IMO, is not a big problem for Taiwan. But now it has become a mirror showing the sick, ugly and rotten side of Taiwan's judiciary process and system. The bottom line is, Taiwan has to face this problem and improve the system. It is not simply about Chen and politics, but about the long term development of Taiwan as a whole.

The recent DPP's petition from leaders of society and justice system is a small first step. There are a lot of follow ups. IMO, they might not have any short term effect and it might not make Chen's treatment any more fair. I am not even sure if they will have long term effect. However, some steps must be taken to get the ball rolling, to make the public aware of the problems, to start the improvement processes.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009



I hold similar opinion.

Also, as I mentioned before (maybe), Taiwan gave to much attention to these so called Chinese experts in the US. I wonder who knows Chinese more? American or Taiwanese? The answer is quite obvious I think. The only problem is that Taiwan is in the thick of it. Therefore Taiwanese sometimes need to take a step back and evaluate the situation. But certainly, IMO, the American understanding of Chinese is not more than Taiwanese understanding, if it is not less.

So when reading what those American Chinese experts wrote about China, try to take them with a grain of salt. I doubt even CIA has a full understanding of China.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

So...Humm....What Happened to 達震案?

Surfing the web a bit and suddenly remembered....what the hell happens to 達震案?

If people have at least some short term memory, they will remember during election, KMT accusing some dude and Minister of National Defense of corruption on this 案. Rumor has it that the company is supposedly used as a private company contracting French weapon system...specifically the Rafale jet fighters.

This is actually a pretty good move because it puts competition between the US and French weapon systems, thus give Taiwan more leverage in terms of getting desired system. Obviously, there are some disadvantageous to consider. For example, French system's maintenance might be more expensive due to their smaller numbers, and French government is more prone to bend to Beijing's will. Moreover, the bad memory of La Fayette class frigates deal does not help the case. However, all these problems can be remedied more or less during deal making etc, and the La Fayette scandal is in huge part Taiwan's (or rather, KMT's) own fault.

So now, what happens to ? Obviously that plan was completely scraped. But from what I heard recently the first court already ruled not guilty...It is really stupid. During election, everyone said there is a problem, there is a problem. And now everyone just shut up about it. What's the deal? It just shows that KMT is all election and no rational discussion.

might need some fixing here and there, but in general it is actually not too bad an idea. Using private companies to purchase weapons from France to avoid Chinese pressure etc seems to be a possibility. Unfortunately, KMT just scraps the whole thing. GOOD JOB, KMT. You officially screwed up another deal between France and Taiwan. REAL GENIUS.

(By the way Rafale is not too bad...it is used by French Navy for the carriers as well, which means that its take off distance is probably short, another beneficial characteristic for Tawian. And supposedly it has limited stealth feature. If Taiwan is able to get a hand on one of this...Taiwan might even gain some leverage on getting not just F-16 C/D but F-35 as well.)

Some Interesting Read


I sort of agree with the author on several points. To use street demonstration to try to "rescue" Chen will probably make things worse. Most people would agree what is more effective is a demonstration on the injustice and arbitrariness of the Justice department of Taiwan...in another word, a demonstration to ask for fair treatment of Chen's case. However, this type of message is often lost in the demonstration in this situation. Because the message cannot be simply stated and get across, demonstration might not be very effective. Other methods must be used. However, I am not totally sure what routes are the best. One thing for certain is there is no quick solution.

It is really unfortunate for Chen and those around him. Perhaps they are not all innocent, but they have been treated extremely unfairly not just by Ma, but the whole society of Taiwan. Maybe history will look at Chen and see his faults and accomplishments, but it will see Chen's treatment as a shameful act of Taiwanese servants beating up one person to please their master. (Well, if KMT keeps holding on to the power or if CCP get the hold of the power, history will be written in a twisted way instead...as always)

Another piece on the old news several months ago...I guessed I had said enough about this myself, so I won't say anything further. Of course, the more people know and remember about this concept, the better perhaps.


The 2 new logs:
Beijing makes itself an ‘indispensable’ ally
Chinese navy gets too close for comfort

Are kind of interesting.

The first issue, IMO, South Korea, Japan and the US's action are just complete idiotic lunacy. I always like to call the meeting "6 Parties Masturbation" instead of "6 Parties Talk." I am not saying they should just go into NK guns blazing, but their current policy only seems to make things worse and worse.

The second one is very interesting as well. It is really unfortunate...that China now desire to master the sea it seems. For Taiwan, this is a bad news. I think Taiwan really needs to look at some British history to see how they maintain their defense against French and Spanish fleets and commerce destroyers etc. The thing is, Taiwan's situation is much worse than British perhaps, because Britain faces opponent of similar sizes on a divided continents while Taiwan faces a much bigger continental hegemon.

PS. Oh yea...that NK propaganda cartoon looks kind of funny...It looks like the artist took a cue from Japan's Godzilla.I guess only giant Gundams can save us now: LINK

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Other After Thought

Another thing I thought of after reading it is that indeed there are some attitude in both pan-green and pan-blue that is not normal:
  • Some pan-green people over emphasize the reliance on the US military. If we are talking about trying to acquire military technologies, know-how and weapons, that is normal. For a country like Taiwan, there is no way we can develop all weapon system on our own. However, if we are talking about relying on the US to defend us, that would be very disastrous.
  • Some pan-green people think China is going to collapse soon. Yes, China has a huge internal problems but just hoping the opponent will collapse on its own does not help at all. It is better to think more on how to improve Taiwan's economy and military.
  • Some pan-blue people have this China fantasy. Under estimating the opponent is not good, but over estimating them is quite stupid as well. Some pan-blue supporters exaggerated Chinese military ability as if Chinese troops are some sort of Starship Troopers which even the US cannot compare. A lot of people also exaggerated Chinese economic progresses.
There are probably a lot of other weird attitude which I am not aware of, but I am pretty sure there are more lol.

My Thought On the Military Part

I Read the whole thing. Overall it is very good, but sounds very "calculating" lol(well, maybe that is what a grand strategy is suppose to be.)

The part which I think I have some extra thoughts on are in the naval strategy. The author's preference to "big ships" actually coincide with my thought somewhat. A lot of people say big ships are useless for Taiwan, especially some politicians even use big ships are expensive and useless etc to block budget. However, I always thought bigger ships (frigates and above class such as the US Aleigh Burke class destroyers) have a place in Taiwan's naval strategy due to the following reasons:
  • As mention by the author, the navy's battle field most likely will not be in Taiwan strait directly. A fleet is "offensive" in nature. For Taiwan, during a war, a fleet either attack the enemy fleets, its ports or remain as "a fleet in being." Taiwan strait is a no-man's land for a fleet, with modern anti-ship missiles from aircraft and land. It means, the fleet will most likely be engaging enemy fleets or retreating to east, north or south of Taiwan to remain as a "fleet in being," to remain as a threat to the enemy's amphibious assault, as the author mentioned, or anti-blockading mission perhaps.
  • Bigger ships are actually easier to upgrade due to the bigger available room in the hull and deck area (Just look at what Taiwan navy did to the recently retired WWII museum piece cruisers). Also it has much better radar and survivability than the small ships. It is also easier to install large weapons (such as Anti-ships and anti-air missiles) on them. Smaller ships also require in greater numbers...so in sum is bigger ships actually more expensive?
  • Bigger ships actually have higher top speed. It means they are more strategically mobile, because they can move faster and stay at sea longer without refuel and resupply. Of course smaller ships are more maneuverable, but it is not like they can dodge shells or missiles (like aircraft). Bigger ships at least have a chance to shoot down incoming missiles and air crafts etc.
So I think Taiwan cannot just discard the concept of a main fleet consists of larger ships right out of the window, even if Taiwan has a lot more submarines, because subs have disadvantages that needs to be considered as well. For example, subs (not nuclear subs) move much slower even in top speed. It probably has to move even slower during operation to remain stealthy. It means that they can only attack by ambush, and use hit and run tactics. Without other ships' support, it is hard to tell how effective they can be. Of course right now China's anti-sub capability might be lacking, but I think all different factors need to be considered before dismissing them. During WWII, without other fleets' support, German's sub fleets became ineffective and got destroyed in the end. At the same time, with its main fleets in existence, the US subs was able to achieve some surprise attack on very important Japanese targets.

However, one might not have to dismiss the small ships so quickly neither. I think it all depends on how they can be used. For example, it is true, as the author said, the function of small missile attack ships' and land based anti-ship missiles is exactly the same: make enemy's direct cross-straight amphibious assault impossible, in which case, they have to use the longer route and expose themselves to the attack from the fleets outside of Taiwan straight. So why not just use mobile land based anti-ship missiles instead. That is very true, but who says it's more advantageous to have mobile land based anti-ship missiles? It might be that it's actually better to have small missile attack ships. For example, maybe it's easier to move those missiles around on ships. Maybe due to Taiwan's rough terrain and possible destruction of road and bridges during war, it is harder to move those missile trucks in position etc. Also, if we use the small boats as missile trucks, one can imagine using them close to the coast, where the coast terrain might actually obscure radar scan. This will give extra cover for the small ships while the enemy's ships become exposed to the Taiwan's land based radar...etc.

Of course, I am just speculating a bit here from some information I read in the past..these type of things only experts can answer what is practical and what is not. But my point is that too many people just dismiss some weapon platforms or systems without actually giving some good analysis on the possibilities they give. As the author had shown, bigger ships might not be all useless for Taiwan, and in fact they might be more useful.

Another interesting thing the author mentioned is the importance of Army, which I also agree. Even in Navy and Air Force's stand point of view, Army is extremely important. Navy and Air Forces cannot defend their own bases directly, Army is the one capable of doing that. Even if Taiwan's navy and air force can "bring the fight" to the enemy and away from Taiwan, there is no guarantee that the enemy won't be able to slip in attacks on Taiwan itself. That is when Taiwan has to "defend itself" directly, and the only way is the army and possibly the police (SWAT). But, as the author pointed out, Army is probably the one branch in the military that requires the most rethinking etc, such as the parts regarding more training in urban warfare and using natural advantages of being the defenders.

Other details that the author did not mention or perhaps did not consider is the hardening of the bases and the use of SAM. But I guess those are more of technical details comparing to the other issues.

lol Grand Strategy Study for Taiwan


Someone else actually did it!!! A quite detail thought, info gathering and analysis of possible Taiwan grand strategy.

I haven't read in detail so I don't know how good it is. But it certainly is a big task to try to come up with something like that. I attempted it before but just found it too difficult. It is just too much for me to pack so much thoughts into an organized blog with so many different fields in economics, defense, politics, education and everything else.

Of course, grand strategy I think is nothing more than a very rough goal or guidelines. A lot of development of a nation is very "natural" and unexpected, thus it is very difficult to just follow a straight solid road. In fact, it will probably be a disaster to do so. However, using strategy as a sort of rough goal and guides is probably helpful and natural.

And of course, grand strategy cannot be formed by just one person. It requires a lot of different inputs. This guy gather a lot of info and experts thoughts over the years to formulate this, but it is probably still not sufficient for something real serious. But it is just amazing and fun to see it done. (I attempt to amuse myself with this strategy thoughts but even trying to do that is difficult. Although I also gather many different info over the years, I think I just don't have enough knowledge to write something this big yet..perhaps later when I have more time and skill I can try again lol) .

I will read it soon and see what it says.

UPDATE: So far I found it very well written, and I agree with a lot of stuff it said so far.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Ha...Just An Off Topic Post

Well...this is off topic, but doesn't this photo look kind of funny:


The Brazilian leader is left out of the...well, don't know what it is they are doing. But he is left out of whatever the other 3 are doing.

Interesting Military Analysis from USNI Magazine

The Far-Eastern Sweet Potato has an excellent post on the US Naval Institute’s Proceedings magazine.

This is very alarming indeed...not just for Taiwan, but for the US as well.

You Be The Judge On This

Someone organized a list of the things Ma said and did that gives the impression of his selling out of Taiwan and flip-flopping nature. Re-post it here:

{歡迎轉貼 無須告知}


73.馬:不統 不是排除統一選項(20090617)

72.中國搶攻第二 農產輸日 我從第2落至22(20090615)

71.馬又跳票/中國白領勞工 擬開放來台(20090615)

70.中國官員武嚇 蕭美琴直譯揭醜態(20090613)

69.馬倡兩岸書同文 可寫簡體字(20090610)

68.農發基金會 農技輸中白手套?(20090608)


66.漢光政軍兵推排除反斬首 馬總統進駐指揮所(20090605) 

65.台肥賣水 產地標中國台灣(20090605)

64.六四事件二十週年 馬未提平反 讚中國開放(20090604)

63.金馬澎將再撤軍 總額不到萬人(20090603)


61.吳伯雄晤胡錦濤 自稱「島內」硬拗對等(20090527)

60.胡錦濤談ECFA 重提兩岸一中(20090527)

59.中資來台BOT 綠強力杯葛(20090526)

58.世衛官網加註 台灣病例仍歸中國(20090524)

57.參與世衛 台灣被當領地 中國代申請?(20090524)

56.WHO官網 台灣病例被納入中國(20090523)

55.葉金川:新流感首例 最壞情形是列中國之下(20090521)

54.葉金川:台灣參與WHA 兩岸有共識未形諸文字(20090520)

53.葉金川︰台宣示主權 會被當爛國家(20090518)

52.世衛官網 台灣列中國一省(20090517)

51.藍召青年訪中 黨內批朝貢過頭(20090513)

50.中國海峽論壇 胡志強把「整個台中搬去」(20090513)

49.馬:若連任 兩岸不排除政治協商(20090510)

48.兩岸連手逮要犯 大陸公安明年初駐台(20090508)

47.我參與WHA 綠批:成中國附庸(20090501)


45.馬違慣例 親自遙祭黃帝陵(20090404)

44.統戰技倆? 陸辦官報校園贈閱(20090407)

43.中國日報寄北市議會 議員批「統戰意味濃」(20090317)

42.陳月卿登陸打書 矮化夫官銜(20090403)

41.陳月卿赴中賣書 綠批國安漏洞(20090403)

40.中興兵推不進圓山指揮所 綠委批:宅男兵推!(20090326)

39.加入WHO 台灣八個港口列為中國港口?(20090320)

38.為何是「中華台北」? 玉山參選七大奇景 不見「台灣」(20090313)

37.改漢語拼音 學者不滿意識形態領政(20080918)


35.觀光局迎陸客 簡體官網無國旗 國號、國旗沒了!民進黨痛批(20080628)


33.高考二級將加考中國憲法 考生傻眼(20090310)



30.馬態度強硬 拒絕CECA公投(20090220)

29.亞洲舞龍賽 不見中華民國國旗(20090216)

28.我多數駐外館處網站 未掛國旗(20090216)


26.故宮院長周功鑫 已經投降了(20090210)

25.今年漢光演習 確定不會開火(20090211)



22.南市/不滿台語認證經費被刪除 民代發動遊行抗議(20090208)





17.獲准西進 馬蕭紀念酒不見中華民國、總統字眼(20090108)

16.台東「被統一」 桌曆印上五星旗(20090107)

15.貓熊接風 動物園周邊撤國旗?(20081223)

14.單向直航 政府挨批喪權辱國(20081229)

13.我國通報禽流感疫情所發的更正函,在標題與最後署名是「Taipei China」(20081228)


11.太扯了!桃縣議會日曆 標示71回歸十一國慶(20081222)


9.馬寧見胡錦濤溫家寶 拒達賴訪台(20081204)

8.衝擊國防不在意?直航截彎取直 馬:下月有結果(20080918)


6.駐美武官 悄悄降編秘書(20081207)

5.漢光實兵操演 將改兩年一次(20081219)

4.中華郵政去ROC 國際單據多加上(地區)(20081216)

3.改漢語拼音 學者不滿意識形態領政(20080918)

2.若見陳雲林 馬:就互稱先生(20080618)

1.馬:兩岸非國與國 屬特別關係(20080904)

Echo Taiwan also has an excellent post: LINK

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

The Usual Disturbing Stuff

Recently there are some unsettling development in Taiwan's economy and political discussion. Although they are worrisome, but they are no longer a surprise for me because I know that is exactly what Ma and his government would do. Leaning ever more toward China, non-stop.


This news is also kind of disturbing, but actually I did not pay much attention to it...again probably because I was used to it. But when 蕭 appeared on 大話新聞 and discussed her experience, I was reminded what a similar experience I had in the past. Of course I did not speak to some China official like 武樹民 in the past, but I met people from Hong Kong and China outside Taiwan. Some of those people from Hong Kong I met seem to show some understanding of Taiwan's situation (or a desire to understand) and is not like 武. But of course most of them probably don't have a clue and don't care. But actually one guy from Hong Kong that I had a discussion with is very very similar to 武. He is all friendly etc until you start talking about the "real" stuff. Quite some of the people from China whom I met are actually like 武. Unfortunately, after a while, I avoid those topic with those people, most of the time I don't talk to them at all.

Online forums is even worse. A lot of post done by Chinese which I saw on forum inside and outside of Taiwan is disturbing to say the least. On some US forum, some posts that are obviously written by Chinese immigrants to North America or some Chinese born in the US show extreme hostility toward Taiwan. But again...I cannot be too sure because you never know...those might be posted by paid Chinese Internet police or army.

Of course I cannot generalize my experience to say that every Taiwanese must have similar experience. But from what I heard from friends etc, that is the general situation. The problem is not just the military threat, but this pressure of forcing you or act as if Taiwan is part of China is really uncomfortable. Certainly, I never act as if China is part of Taiwan. I respect Chinese sovereignty over China...but usually I don't get the same respect in return. It is expected given the faulty materials been taught in China, and even in Taiwan, but still it makes me uncomfortable.

The sad thing about all of these events is...they seem usual and disturbing at the same time in Taiwanese eyes.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Is This the Crisis Core of Taiwan?

DPP and others reaction to Ma's attempt to take over KMT chairman position:
Of course we can all laugh at 吳: this is what you get for being a pawn and dog of Ma. Other "funny" things include Ma actually turning 180 degrees again. Whatever this guy says, even with a definitive tone, does not count. He has absolutely no credibility.

But the main issue is much more serious and need people's full attention. In my view, things are becoming worse and worse and I am wondering if we are reaching the crisis core, the breaking point, the last straw on the camel's back. Perhaps I am over reacting, but....

There are basically two major problems as pointed out by different people in the article.
The first, as stated above, is the erosion of the whole political system. There are no longer balance and check of power. The power now centers on one person and the small group around him. This is a dictatorship with a democratic makeup, a hot bed for possible tyranny (well, if the recent action of Ma including suing prosecutor 侯寬仁 is not tyrannical enough already) . Now a lot of things, including Taiwan's future and the Taiwanese fate, become extremely uncertain.

This is a problem because that is exactly what the China's annexation strategy is: define the Taiwan status problem as an internal affair of China and as the issue between just two Chinese political parties, CCP and KMT. In this definition, with KMT in total control of the government, and Ma in total control of the KMT, Taiwanese has no say and cannot reject any deals between CCP and KMT that might effect Taiwanese life significantly. Also, by becoming chairman of KMT, Ma signals that the head of the state and the head of the KMT are one and the same, similar to the current situation in China and the situation in Taiwan 10 or 20 years ago. This plays right into CCP's set up. I am now highly convinced that Ma intends to bring Taiwan into China's fold no matter what. He will eliminate any obstacles standing between him and China's annexation of Taiwan. To Taiwan, he is truly a determined traitor and enemy. I hope people can see this clearly now.

Then again, I might be over reacting. In any case, it's better to be cynical than careless and stupid in this situation. I just hope the force of the public, DPP, other organizations and even some of those people in KMT such as 王金平 can stop Ma and the KMT old guards.

Side NOTE: an interesting poll by DPP on this 馬英九兼任黨主席 and the 識正書簡 matter: LINK

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Well Done Mr. Keating

A well reasoned argument by Mr. Keating. I hope those CNN and AP etc can read this. Unfortunately I think those news agencies are much more stubborn than Starbucks, which is kind of ironic.

Thanks Taiwan Matter for noting this excellent article. Taiwan Matters' view on this article: LINK

Hehe...nice, I will add this one to the Taiwan Status side bar.

Saturday, June 6, 2009

More People Need To Know


I wonder how many people actually know this.

A few years ago all the pan blue media kept attacking, accusing and quite simply making it looks like they are all guilty. The prosecutors seemed to be forced and influenced by the media to charge them. Now looking back it seems a lot of those charges are quite questionable. But during that time the pan blue media made it looks like they are definitely guilty.

The lesson here is simple. Presume innocent until proven guilty under the rule of law. Those pan blue media is just using questionable rumors etc as political weapons to attack pan green politicians. That is not justice, but brainless mob action. I wonder how those people that cheer for the media and become fanatical witch hunters feel once they know about this. Would it calm them down now? The only thing is the media won't report this in the same proportion as when they were accusing those people, and those ignorant mob would never find out the truth.

The sad thing is a lot of those people's reputation is tarnished by the media for no reason...

The positive thing is the KS Metro was completed and is working fine (unlike Maokong Gondola) Which reminds me, shouldn't some prosecutors investigate the Maokong Gondola thing? Because it is very obviously falling apart.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Another Nice Editorial on Taipei Times


Nicely written editorial.

I wonder if those strategic thinkers in the west ever thought of their policy with China actually creates this reverse wave of anti-democracy. Now every authoritarian government looks to China for guidance and diplomatic cover in the UN. Their grip on power is stronger than ever.

But perhaps that is the way things are. Like waves in the the ocean, it goes up and down. The only thing worth noting is the irony in all of this, and the realization that Taiwan has to stand firm in this storm.

Good Rebuttal On Wu's Ridiculous Statements

Taipei Times has a good rebuttal on Wu's ridiculous statements.

Also, I am sure a lot of people notice by now the pattern of the older KMT politicians.

Usually, when they are in power and in Taiwan, although sometimes you can still get a glimpse of their twisted values, they appear rather moderate. However, as they get older, and closer to the age of retirement, they start to go to China a lot and their stance starts to lean more and more toward China. This is true for James Soong, Lien Chen, and now Wu.

I suspect that they are all seeking political profit through kowtowing to China. They have very few public support in Taiwan, and perhaps they don't even have a lot of support in their own party. That is probably what prompt them to go to China and make all those shameful act to get political power from CCP. Of course they loss even more support doing so, but they probably don't care.

They either really meant what they say in China, in which case they have been lying and pretending in Taiwan, or they are just kowowing to China in order to get wealth and power from CCP. Either way it's quite pathetic indeed.

It is very ironic that KMT always say stupid slogans like "Ping Economy, Don't Ping Politics," but actually they don't Ping neither. They only "Ping" their own pockets.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

The Triumph of Reality Over Illusion? Thought About El Salvador, Starbucks And Name

Two recent events prompt me to think about..."What is in a name?"

(Because we are discussing name here, I will pretend Taiwan does not have a name, and use Island X to refer to Taiwan...because saying something like "Bob refers to Taiwan as Taiwan" simply doesn't make my point clear).

Event one is the Starbucks' correction on its website after web users in Island X took initiative to email Starbucks complaining about it. Actually I checked the Starbucks' site and in most places it uses only Taiwan to refer to Island X. Only in one of the search page it shows "Taiwan, Province of China." After the complains, Starbucks correct it rather quickly...within 24 hrs.

The other event is that El Salvador's foreign minister used the term "Republic of Taiwan" to refer to Island X. These might have another "wow" effect on most Island X citizens perhaps, similar to when former US President Bush said "Republic of Taiwan." Bush was known for frequent slip of tongue though so you wonder if he said that by mistakes. But El Salvador's foreign minister is a diplomat, which should mean that his words are mostly carefully chosen.

If we think about it though, isn't this the natural flow of things? CCP uses the name ROC in the UN, and would get angry anytime a foreigner use ROC to refer to Island X, because the name violates its "One China" G Spot. KMT only uses ROC when it is inside Island X. When it is in China, it cannot even refer to Island X as a country, and can only say ROC when it is talking about history, not current event. When it is in other places I wonder if it can actually use ROC anymore because most people around the world don't make a distinction and think ROC == PRC. DPP just doesn't like the name ROC at all. In global private sector, most companies refer to Island X as Taiwan, not ROC.

So basically, no one likes the name ROC and no one is using the name ROC. That name is basically fading away, because it simply does not reflect the reality. El Salvador has diplomatic tie with Island X, which means Island X must in reality be a nation. But the name ROC is simply confusing and does not reflect the reality. And for many years, most people refer to Island X as Taiwan, and even people on Island X prefer the name Taiwan. So why don't we just use the name "Republic of Taiwan" to refer to Island X? And thus the name in born, in the mind of El Salvador's foreign minister and many others around the world.

Of course, CCP and KMT both do not like the name Taiwan or Republic of Taiwan because they don't like the reality that Island X is an independent nation. But someone like El Salvador and Starbucks who have to do business with Island X and deal with Island X as an independent nation would ask..."But...no one in Island X like "Taiwan, Province of China" or "Chinese Taipei, " and those terms simply do not reflect the reality. So, what exactly should we call Island X then? Banana Republic?" Perhaps, perhaps. But once again Banana Republic does not describe Island X well and it is actually a trade mark used by a clothes company.

For all practical purpose, Republic of Taiwan is the best name for Island X, because it is the most concise, most clear and best reflection of the reality. That is the reason why former US president Bush and El Salvador foreign minister both refer Island X as Republic of Taiwan, whether it is by mistakes or not. That is also one reason why Starbucks can change the name back to Taiwan on the English website so quickly, because "Taiwan, Province of China" simply does not reflect the reality.

PS. I hope some of those people in DPP also stop using "ROC == Taiwan" and "Taiwan == ROC" because seriously no one cares and if even El Salvador already used the concept Republic of Taiwan as a name, why shouldn't DPP?

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Thoughts on Recent Statements Made by KMT

Recently there are quite a few statements made by KMT that is just inappropriate in my opinion. All I can say is...from these statements one can see what KMT's view is, and IMO they are just not in accordance with the basic human decency and values.

Wang Yu-chih's Statement Regarding former South Korean President Roh Moo-hyun’s suicide
Cloudia Jean already point out well the fundamental flaws and problems in this guy's statement. So I am not going to write about it in detail here. I would just like to add that this guy did not say this by mistake, and this fundamentally wrong statement is not due to lack of explanation. No...this guy said it because the KMT truely believes that is the case. Why? 2 Reasons. First, if you look at his further explanation a day after, you will notice, he did not recognize there is something fundamentally wrong with his statement. He said something like "To preserve his dignity and honor, he choose suicide, and we think that deserve our respect." In another word, he only knows that people are uncomfortable with his statement but he does not know where the problem is. Thus he only reaffirms his praise when he tried to explain it further. This shows that he and those behind him truly believed what he said.

Furthermore, just a few days ago, KMT updated their news website with their comparison between Roh and Chen. It clearly praised Roh's suicide and accusing Chen of being shameless. All these statements and publication indicate that KMT attempts to use Roh's suicide to further attack Chen. They seem to miss the point: the cause behind Roh's suicide is largely due to prosecutors leaking information to the media (similar situation in Taiwan) which created undue psychological pressure on Roh during the investigation. Under the rule of law, all are presumed innocent until proven guilty. What is happening in Taiwan and Korea is the judiciary branch broke the law and stray away from the due process, creating "mob justice" through media, and initating this trial by morality instead of trial by the Law. These are fundamentally wrong. That is why, a lot of Korean turn up in Roh's funeral, because they feel sorry for him. Perhaps they even feel a sense of guilt and shame. But KMT did not see this. Instead, they try to use Roh's suicide to create more "moral judgement" and "trial by the mob" on Chen.

Wu Poh-hsiung's Statements in China
A lot of people pick on his use of term "in the island, " which again just shows how twisted KMT's mind is. It is the same with the term "mainland." All of it is used to create the sense that China and Taiwan belongs to one country.

A person that is aligned with the majority opinion in Taiwan would use the term "in my country" etc. But I am not really surprised or angered by this because KMT is always like this. No matter what decoration they add on, fundamentally, their view is the same.

I look at his visit in the whole instead. And I can only say, comparing to DPP's Chen Chu, the visit is a totally shameful act, and his and his party's interests does not align with Taiwan's interests.

Ma's Refusal for Referendum on ECFA
Ma once again refuse to have a referendum on ECFA. I guess a lot of people already beat Ma's argument to death. Basically, Ma think we don't need referendum on ECFA is not a sovereignty issue thus it does not need referendum. But Peng Hu, for example, is going to have a referendum on legalize gambling. It is clearly a double standard. Clearly, the issue does not have to be sovereignty related to have a referendum. Anything that the legislature or the government cannot decide is a plausible referendum issue. The other thing he said is if we have referendum on everything, then there is no need for legislature etc. But who says we need referendum on everything? We are just talking about ECFA here. Ma is clearly trying to loss the focus on the issue and avoiding the question.

All these statements I guess would not surprise anyone who has observed KMT behavior for a while. The only thing I can say is that KMT has too much abnormal element in it which makes it a cancer cell and parasite in Taiwan. KMT either needs to be completely removed, or break into pieces in order to be completely transformed into a normal democratic party. Right now I think a completely marginalization of KMT would be the easiest path, but is that even possible?

Monday, June 1, 2009

?Even Military Community Can't Seem to Stand It Anymore?


Traditionally Taiwan's military has more pan blue supporters, but looks like right now even quite a few of them cannot stand the recent policy of Ma.

I found the guy's reasoning very clear. And he confirms a lot of people's concern, especially pan green's concern, that the recent BOT proposals, ECFA and various other policies created by Ma's government is endangering Taiwan. The only difference between him and some pan green supporters are their views of Ma's intention. He thinks that Ma is basically totally clueless, arrogant and ignorant, while some pan green supporters think Ma is basically trying to sell Taiwan out piece by piece. But this difference is quite minor, comparing to the acknowledgment from both sides that what Ma is doing is a huge problem for Taiwan.

Military should be politically neutral of course. But when it is about grave national security matter they should also give out some of their honest opinions when necessary.