Thursday, June 4, 2009

Good Rebuttal On Wu's Ridiculous Statements

Taipei Times has a good rebuttal on Wu's ridiculous statements.

Also, I am sure a lot of people notice by now the pattern of the older KMT politicians.

Usually, when they are in power and in Taiwan, although sometimes you can still get a glimpse of their twisted values, they appear rather moderate. However, as they get older, and closer to the age of retirement, they start to go to China a lot and their stance starts to lean more and more toward China. This is true for James Soong, Lien Chen, and now Wu.

I suspect that they are all seeking political profit through kowtowing to China. They have very few public support in Taiwan, and perhaps they don't even have a lot of support in their own party. That is probably what prompt them to go to China and make all those shameful act to get political power from CCP. Of course they loss even more support doing so, but they probably don't care.

They either really meant what they say in China, in which case they have been lying and pretending in Taiwan, or they are just kowowing to China in order to get wealth and power from CCP. Either way it's quite pathetic indeed.

It is very ironic that KMT always say stupid slogans like "Ping Economy, Don't Ping Politics," but actually they don't Ping neither. They only "Ping" their own pockets.

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