Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Thoughts on Recent Statements Made by KMT

Recently there are quite a few statements made by KMT that is just inappropriate in my opinion. All I can say is...from these statements one can see what KMT's view is, and IMO they are just not in accordance with the basic human decency and values.

Wang Yu-chih's Statement Regarding former South Korean President Roh Moo-hyun’s suicide
Cloudia Jean already point out well the fundamental flaws and problems in this guy's statement. So I am not going to write about it in detail here. I would just like to add that this guy did not say this by mistake, and this fundamentally wrong statement is not due to lack of explanation. No...this guy said it because the KMT truely believes that is the case. Why? 2 Reasons. First, if you look at his further explanation a day after, you will notice, he did not recognize there is something fundamentally wrong with his statement. He said something like "To preserve his dignity and honor, he choose suicide, and we think that deserve our respect." In another word, he only knows that people are uncomfortable with his statement but he does not know where the problem is. Thus he only reaffirms his praise when he tried to explain it further. This shows that he and those behind him truly believed what he said.

Furthermore, just a few days ago, KMT updated their news website with their comparison between Roh and Chen. It clearly praised Roh's suicide and accusing Chen of being shameless. All these statements and publication indicate that KMT attempts to use Roh's suicide to further attack Chen. They seem to miss the point: the cause behind Roh's suicide is largely due to prosecutors leaking information to the media (similar situation in Taiwan) which created undue psychological pressure on Roh during the investigation. Under the rule of law, all are presumed innocent until proven guilty. What is happening in Taiwan and Korea is the judiciary branch broke the law and stray away from the due process, creating "mob justice" through media, and initating this trial by morality instead of trial by the Law. These are fundamentally wrong. That is why, a lot of Korean turn up in Roh's funeral, because they feel sorry for him. Perhaps they even feel a sense of guilt and shame. But KMT did not see this. Instead, they try to use Roh's suicide to create more "moral judgement" and "trial by the mob" on Chen.

Wu Poh-hsiung's Statements in China
A lot of people pick on his use of term "in the island, " which again just shows how twisted KMT's mind is. It is the same with the term "mainland." All of it is used to create the sense that China and Taiwan belongs to one country.

A person that is aligned with the majority opinion in Taiwan would use the term "in my country" etc. But I am not really surprised or angered by this because KMT is always like this. No matter what decoration they add on, fundamentally, their view is the same.

I look at his visit in the whole instead. And I can only say, comparing to DPP's Chen Chu, the visit is a totally shameful act, and his and his party's interests does not align with Taiwan's interests.

Ma's Refusal for Referendum on ECFA
Ma once again refuse to have a referendum on ECFA. I guess a lot of people already beat Ma's argument to death. Basically, Ma think we don't need referendum on ECFA is not a sovereignty issue thus it does not need referendum. But Peng Hu, for example, is going to have a referendum on legalize gambling. It is clearly a double standard. Clearly, the issue does not have to be sovereignty related to have a referendum. Anything that the legislature or the government cannot decide is a plausible referendum issue. The other thing he said is if we have referendum on everything, then there is no need for legislature etc. But who says we need referendum on everything? We are just talking about ECFA here. Ma is clearly trying to loss the focus on the issue and avoiding the question.

All these statements I guess would not surprise anyone who has observed KMT behavior for a while. The only thing I can say is that KMT has too much abnormal element in it which makes it a cancer cell and parasite in Taiwan. KMT either needs to be completely removed, or break into pieces in order to be completely transformed into a normal democratic party. Right now I think a completely marginalization of KMT would be the easiest path, but is that even possible?

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