Saturday, June 6, 2009

More People Need To Know

I wonder how many people actually know this.

A few years ago all the pan blue media kept attacking, accusing and quite simply making it looks like they are all guilty. The prosecutors seemed to be forced and influenced by the media to charge them. Now looking back it seems a lot of those charges are quite questionable. But during that time the pan blue media made it looks like they are definitely guilty.

The lesson here is simple. Presume innocent until proven guilty under the rule of law. Those pan blue media is just using questionable rumors etc as political weapons to attack pan green politicians. That is not justice, but brainless mob action. I wonder how those people that cheer for the media and become fanatical witch hunters feel once they know about this. Would it calm them down now? The only thing is the media won't report this in the same proportion as when they were accusing those people, and those ignorant mob would never find out the truth.

The sad thing is a lot of those people's reputation is tarnished by the media for no reason...

The positive thing is the KS Metro was completed and is working fine (unlike Maokong Gondola) Which reminds me, shouldn't some prosecutors investigate the Maokong Gondola thing? Because it is very obviously falling apart.

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