Friday, June 26, 2009

A Real Stupid Move by DPP

Someone needs to get DPP's attention to really reconsider this move...SERIOUSLY and SOON. This is a real stupid move. DPP needs to get the priority straight. This move for Taiwan is useless and has no point, and it will damage DPP in my opinion.

On the health side, I really don't see how US beef can cause health concern. Correct me if I am wrong, but the mad cow disease etc are no longer a problem to my knowledge. As long as Taiwan health official kept on top of things it should be fine to import cattle more than 30 months old and beef with bones. The situation is very different from Chinese milk problem because in that case Chinese milk producers intentionally add illegal substances into milk and Chinese officials were not able to discover the problem in time and intend to cover it up.

Also, to my knowledge, majority of Taiwan's beef are imported from Australia...and it seems Taiwan is treating the import from Australia and from the US differently...why? There is no good reason. It just seems to be a bit paranoid. Just because South Korean are crazy about this does not mean Taiwan has to follow their example. And to my knowledge South Korean reasoning are more due to economic concerns..., which Taiwan does not have because most of Taiwan's beef are imported from Australia.

DPP really needs to reconsider this move seriously. Unless they can really come up with solid reasons (like proof of mad cow diseases still going on in the US etc), they should drop this action. Otherwise, KMT will use this as a weapon against DPP. "Look, the paranoid DPP is trying to lock Taiwan from international market once again." I can just imagine they say something like that.

It makes sense to have good control over trade between China and Taiwan because China is not true free capitalist market. But the US is a totally different story. I do not see big harm in loosening of control of trade between Taiwan and the US. A lot of products, including agriculture, do not overlap, and the US market is more open and free than Chinese market.

Also, if it's DPP's policy to consider FTA with the US and other countries, which I believe is the case. DPP should not be against this beef import. DPP needs to consider this carefully. Instead of doing things like this...DPP should concentrate on stopping KMT from leaking agriculture technologies to China etc.

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