Sunday, June 28, 2009

Sigh...Ignorance, Fanaticism and Tyranny

Perhaps...this video sums up of what is happening in Iran...

Although I have nothing to do with Iran, I felt something stirring deep within my heart watching this video. Perhaps it's sadness, or something else...I don't know.

It reminds me of 228 as well...It's totally different situation, yea...but there are similarities...

Approximately half month before this thing happened in Iran, I was watching a TV program about Freemason, and one quote in the TV show stroke me and made an impression in my brain. Some dude (maybe a historian, I cannot remember) said something like, in Freemason's mythology, one always struggles against 3 things: Ignorance, Fanaticism and Tyranny.

Ignorance, fanaticism, tyranny...

Looking at what is happening in Iran and in Taiwan, ...ignorance, fanaticism and tyranny indeed.

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