Thursday, June 11, 2009

Is This the Crisis Core of Taiwan?

DPP and others reaction to Ma's attempt to take over KMT chairman position:
Of course we can all laugh at 吳: this is what you get for being a pawn and dog of Ma. Other "funny" things include Ma actually turning 180 degrees again. Whatever this guy says, even with a definitive tone, does not count. He has absolutely no credibility.

But the main issue is much more serious and need people's full attention. In my view, things are becoming worse and worse and I am wondering if we are reaching the crisis core, the breaking point, the last straw on the camel's back. Perhaps I am over reacting, but....

There are basically two major problems as pointed out by different people in the article.
The first, as stated above, is the erosion of the whole political system. There are no longer balance and check of power. The power now centers on one person and the small group around him. This is a dictatorship with a democratic makeup, a hot bed for possible tyranny (well, if the recent action of Ma including suing prosecutor 侯寬仁 is not tyrannical enough already) . Now a lot of things, including Taiwan's future and the Taiwanese fate, become extremely uncertain.

This is a problem because that is exactly what the China's annexation strategy is: define the Taiwan status problem as an internal affair of China and as the issue between just two Chinese political parties, CCP and KMT. In this definition, with KMT in total control of the government, and Ma in total control of the KMT, Taiwanese has no say and cannot reject any deals between CCP and KMT that might effect Taiwanese life significantly. Also, by becoming chairman of KMT, Ma signals that the head of the state and the head of the KMT are one and the same, similar to the current situation in China and the situation in Taiwan 10 or 20 years ago. This plays right into CCP's set up. I am now highly convinced that Ma intends to bring Taiwan into China's fold no matter what. He will eliminate any obstacles standing between him and China's annexation of Taiwan. To Taiwan, he is truly a determined traitor and enemy. I hope people can see this clearly now.

Then again, I might be over reacting. In any case, it's better to be cynical than careless and stupid in this situation. I just hope the force of the public, DPP, other organizations and even some of those people in KMT such as 王金平 can stop Ma and the KMT old guards.

Side NOTE: an interesting poll by DPP on this 馬英九兼任黨主席 and the 識正書簡 matter: LINK

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