Tuesday, June 16, 2009

The Usual Disturbing Stuff

Recently there are some unsettling development in Taiwan's economy and political discussion. Although they are worrisome, but they are no longer a surprise for me because I know that is exactly what Ma and his government would do. Leaning ever more toward China, non-stop.


This news is also kind of disturbing, but actually I did not pay much attention to it...again probably because I was used to it. But when 蕭 appeared on 大話新聞 and discussed her experience, I was reminded what a similar experience I had in the past. Of course I did not speak to some China official like 武樹民 in the past, but I met people from Hong Kong and China outside Taiwan. Some of those people from Hong Kong I met seem to show some understanding of Taiwan's situation (or a desire to understand) and is not like 武. But of course most of them probably don't have a clue and don't care. But actually one guy from Hong Kong that I had a discussion with is very very similar to 武. He is all friendly etc until you start talking about the "real" stuff. Quite some of the people from China whom I met are actually like 武. Unfortunately, after a while, I avoid those topic with those people, most of the time I don't talk to them at all.

Online forums is even worse. A lot of post done by Chinese which I saw on forum inside and outside of Taiwan is disturbing to say the least. On some US forum, some posts that are obviously written by Chinese immigrants to North America or some Chinese born in the US show extreme hostility toward Taiwan. But again...I cannot be too sure because you never know...those might be posted by paid Chinese Internet police or army.

Of course I cannot generalize my experience to say that every Taiwanese must have similar experience. But from what I heard from friends etc, that is the general situation. The problem is not just the military threat, but this pressure of forcing you or act as if Taiwan is part of China is really uncomfortable. Certainly, I never act as if China is part of Taiwan. I respect Chinese sovereignty over China...but usually I don't get the same respect in return. It is expected given the faulty materials been taught in China, and even in Taiwan, but still it makes me uncomfortable.

The sad thing about all of these events is...they seem usual and disturbing at the same time in Taiwanese eyes.

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