Saturday, June 20, 2009

Other After Thought

Another thing I thought of after reading it is that indeed there are some attitude in both pan-green and pan-blue that is not normal:
  • Some pan-green people over emphasize the reliance on the US military. If we are talking about trying to acquire military technologies, know-how and weapons, that is normal. For a country like Taiwan, there is no way we can develop all weapon system on our own. However, if we are talking about relying on the US to defend us, that would be very disastrous.
  • Some pan-green people think China is going to collapse soon. Yes, China has a huge internal problems but just hoping the opponent will collapse on its own does not help at all. It is better to think more on how to improve Taiwan's economy and military.
  • Some pan-blue people have this China fantasy. Under estimating the opponent is not good, but over estimating them is quite stupid as well. Some pan-blue supporters exaggerated Chinese military ability as if Chinese troops are some sort of Starship Troopers which even the US cannot compare. A lot of people also exaggerated Chinese economic progresses.
There are probably a lot of other weird attitude which I am not aware of, but I am pretty sure there are more lol.

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