Sunday, June 28, 2009

It is Really Not Hard to See

This report reminds me again what I have been saying and what I have been thinking ever since Ma get elected. Over time a lot of things happened...but the basic trend does not change.

It is actually quite easy to see. It's like how drug dealing work. Someone for some reason are lured to try the drug because he/she does not have enough information or does not have a firm principle, and because he is under a lot of stress. The drug dealer acts all nice etc. But after the person become a drug addict, the drug dealer has total control over the person. The drug dealer sucks away all the money and dignity from the addict. The addict's life and his/her family's life are ruined, usually forever until death.

This is very similar to Taiwan's situation. Taiwan is under pressure (economic and internal politics). China is the drug dealer. China is attempting to make Taiwan addicted to a drug...a drug of economy and myth.

Too many people are greedy and do not care about anything someone who is weak in mind and principles, and easily lured by temptation of something "magical" that can cure all the stress and worries of reality. Taiwanese need to be more aware of things other than money.

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