Saturday, June 20, 2009

lol Grand Strategy Study for Taiwan

Someone else actually did it!!! A quite detail thought, info gathering and analysis of possible Taiwan grand strategy.

I haven't read in detail so I don't know how good it is. But it certainly is a big task to try to come up with something like that. I attempted it before but just found it too difficult. It is just too much for me to pack so much thoughts into an organized blog with so many different fields in economics, defense, politics, education and everything else.

Of course, grand strategy I think is nothing more than a very rough goal or guidelines. A lot of development of a nation is very "natural" and unexpected, thus it is very difficult to just follow a straight solid road. In fact, it will probably be a disaster to do so. However, using strategy as a sort of rough goal and guides is probably helpful and natural.

And of course, grand strategy cannot be formed by just one person. It requires a lot of different inputs. This guy gather a lot of info and experts thoughts over the years to formulate this, but it is probably still not sufficient for something real serious. But it is just amazing and fun to see it done. (I attempt to amuse myself with this strategy thoughts but even trying to do that is difficult. Although I also gather many different info over the years, I think I just don't have enough knowledge to write something this big yet..perhaps later when I have more time and skill I can try again lol) .

I will read it soon and see what it says.

UPDATE: So far I found it very well written, and I agree with a lot of stuff it said so far.

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