Sunday, June 21, 2009

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I sort of agree with the author on several points. To use street demonstration to try to "rescue" Chen will probably make things worse. Most people would agree what is more effective is a demonstration on the injustice and arbitrariness of the Justice department of another word, a demonstration to ask for fair treatment of Chen's case. However, this type of message is often lost in the demonstration in this situation. Because the message cannot be simply stated and get across, demonstration might not be very effective. Other methods must be used. However, I am not totally sure what routes are the best. One thing for certain is there is no quick solution.

It is really unfortunate for Chen and those around him. Perhaps they are not all innocent, but they have been treated extremely unfairly not just by Ma, but the whole society of Taiwan. Maybe history will look at Chen and see his faults and accomplishments, but it will see Chen's treatment as a shameful act of Taiwanese servants beating up one person to please their master. (Well, if KMT keeps holding on to the power or if CCP get the hold of the power, history will be written in a twisted way always)

Another piece on the old news several months ago...I guessed I had said enough about this myself, so I won't say anything further. Of course, the more people know and remember about this concept, the better perhaps.

The 2 new logs:
Beijing makes itself an ‘indispensable’ ally
Chinese navy gets too close for comfort

Are kind of interesting.

The first issue, IMO, South Korea, Japan and the US's action are just complete idiotic lunacy. I always like to call the meeting "6 Parties Masturbation" instead of "6 Parties Talk." I am not saying they should just go into NK guns blazing, but their current policy only seems to make things worse and worse.

The second one is very interesting as well. It is really unfortunate...that China now desire to master the sea it seems. For Taiwan, this is a bad news. I think Taiwan really needs to look at some British history to see how they maintain their defense against French and Spanish fleets and commerce destroyers etc. The thing is, Taiwan's situation is much worse than British perhaps, because Britain faces opponent of similar sizes on a divided continents while Taiwan faces a much bigger continental hegemon.

PS. Oh yea...that NK propaganda cartoon looks kind of funny...It looks like the artist took a cue from Japan's Godzilla.I guess only giant Gundams can save us now: LINK

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