Monday, June 1, 2009

?Even Military Community Can't Seem to Stand It Anymore?

Traditionally Taiwan's military has more pan blue supporters, but looks like right now even quite a few of them cannot stand the recent policy of Ma.

I found the guy's reasoning very clear. And he confirms a lot of people's concern, especially pan green's concern, that the recent BOT proposals, ECFA and various other policies created by Ma's government is endangering Taiwan. The only difference between him and some pan green supporters are their views of Ma's intention. He thinks that Ma is basically totally clueless, arrogant and ignorant, while some pan green supporters think Ma is basically trying to sell Taiwan out piece by piece. But this difference is quite minor, comparing to the acknowledgment from both sides that what Ma is doing is a huge problem for Taiwan.

Military should be politically neutral of course. But when it is about grave national security matter they should also give out some of their honest opinions when necessary.

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