Wednesday, February 25, 2009

What's Taiwan's Grand Strategy? Part 1

Currently Taiwan is in some sort of crisis, in both economy and politics.

Economic crisis will pass and I am confident that the vibrant industries of Taiwan will recover. Also, during this time many reforms can be made, and many policy can be improved, so when the economy recovers, Taiwan can emerge in better shape than before, and even has some edge over others. (Of course, this time around whether the government is helping in this direction is a big question, but more on this later) Although a lot of people and businesses are suffering, this is perhaps not the prime danger Taiwan is facing. This type of economical crisis is always bound to happen, and Taiwan has to face similar trials in the past and in the future, again and again. It's like earthquakes, although it's devastating and create a lot of suffering, Taiwan always recover from it. Progress is always made with all the typhoon and earthquakes, and better preventive measures are taken by many to get Taiwan ready to withstand the next possible crisis. This type of thing cannot make Taiwan falter.

But looking back in history, what can really make Taiwan fall apart? What can really beat Taiwanese down to the ground and make Taiwanese unable to stand back up for generations? Political crisis, misjudgement and betrayal. And this time around, the primary crisis, is perhaps once again on the political side, not on the economical side.

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