Saturday, February 21, 2009

Interesting talk

Interesting talk on economy and its effect on politics:

It's indeed tragic that Taiwanese elected Ma...

It's kind of interesting...before election and right after it, when I discussed it with others I often say that to accomplish Ma's economic target, he has to use "steroid" on the economy, which will have severe side effects. Now I think I am wrong...he is going to use the "steroid" (CECA) to get him out of this crisis, not reaching the target. Or perhaps, he and China has setup the trap. By following the bad global economic condition, they intentionally make Taiwan's economic situation worse, and using the condition to force Taiwanese accept CECA.

In any case, the "Steroid" won't help anything. And in Taiwan's current state, it might just kill (by overdose) or enslave (by addiction) Taiwan outright.

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