Friday, February 20, 2009

The "Bright" Side of DPP Losing The Presidential Election and The Beauty of Democracy?

Hmm...this thought has linger in my mind for a while and I could be wrong. But I am thinking...was it actually better that DPP lost the presidential election? Don't get me wrong. I supported DPP very strongly during presidential election. I donate money to Mr. Hsieh's campaign and persuaded my relatives to vote for the DPP candidate. And I was sad when DPP lost.

Most people now can agree that Ma and KMT winning the presidential election (and 3/4 majority in Legislature) is not that good for Taiwan, and there are a lot of problems and worries etc. Even one of my relative whom I fail to persuaded and voted for Ma regretted the decision. And I believe there are quite many people regret their decision and are worry about Taiwan's future. Of course I know there are many hardcore KMT supporters and unficationist probably feel like they are in heaven now, but...I think they are probably not the majority, otherwise the support for Ma shown in the polls won't fall so dramatically.

But now I think of it...despite the extreme dangerous situation Taiwan is in now, there are actually bright sides of DPP losing...:
  1. Imagine if it's actually DPP winning the election. What would those irrational pan blue supporters feel? At the end of 2000 and 2004 elections, they rioted with extreme violence in the street for days. Imagine them losing again...boy, I think they would probably burn the whole Taipei city down. Of course rioting is not the major issue. But the point is their mentality...the pan blue media and supporters will continue to attack DPP and DPP government with extremity, like the past 8 or 10 years. And although I believe Mr. Hsieh's policy is 10 times superior than Ma, and I believe if he got elected, Taiwan will actually be better economically and without worries of being sold out, Taiwan will still get effected by the global economic down turn. With a pan blue majority in Legislature, irrational pan blue media, they are going to torn DPP government apart no matter what.
  2. It torn down the mask of Ma!! If Ma was not elected president, many will still consider him a "super star," a savior. Those irrational people would still say, "see, if Ma is elected, we will have 633." Since Ma is actually elected, people now knows that he is not some sort of savior or messiah that can just bring Taiwan to 633 or whatever other bullshits he promised during election. More people, I believe, now see through his deception.
  3. The difficult problem of ex-president Chen...well this one I am not sure...but imagine if Mr. Hsieh got elected, those irrational pan-blue supporters will believe none of the trials of Chen. They will of course starting accusing DPP for influencing trials, while in fact Taiwan's justice system are still dominated by KMT elements. They will have even stronger anger and hate toward Chen and DPP. KMT can utilize this hatred even more. It might even become a cancer of the society that's beyond repair.
So yea...there are actually bright sides, even in of course if Taiwan actually got sold out by KMT and Ma...all these bright sides means nothing. But if Taiwanese learn from these lessons, and somehow stop Ma...then perhaps the desperate situation becomes the spring board in which Taiwan can relaunched itself again. And perhaps that's the beauty of democracy...

Of course I still wish Mr. Hsieh been elected,...but hey, sometimes you got to look at the bright side of things perhaps. I think of it, I am like Longshanks in Braveheart:
"You see, as king, you must find the good in any situation."
Am I becoming an evil person? lol

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