Thursday, February 26, 2009

228...More Historical Resource

Mr. Turton has post on his blog about another eye witness account book of 228 in English.

And the link to the book:

I only read a few pages, but will continue to finish the book later. But already it pains me greatly to read it, just like when I read George Kerr's Formosa Betrayed. Greeks and Shakespeare often wrote what many considered great tragedy. But their tragedies are mostly personal one. The 228 IMO is almost like a Shakespearean tragedy in grand scale...a tragedy for the whole island.

Some people still think KMT somehow contributed to Taiwan despite the 228 massacre and the later martial law period. After reading those type of books and other research papers on the subject I have to disagree strongly with those opinion: Taiwan would be 100 times better if KMT did not occupy Taiwan after WW2. KMT looted and destroyed much of Taiwan in "hardware" and "software." Taiwanese are beaten to the ground.

Taiwan could have forge a new nation after WW2. With its already substantial infrastructures and industries its future certainly look promising. Yes, it has been bombed by the US during the war, but certainly not even comparable in severity as the bombing and nuking in Japan. Taiwan would have recovered very quickly from the war and prosper. With the intellectuals wanting for democracy for years (before and during WW2 already Taiwanese formed different political party and try to persuade Japan to have Taiwanese representatives in Japanese Diet), it's also most likely that a democratic system would be set, especially during that time UN, UK and US helps are also most likely available.

But why did Taiwanese choose a different path? Why did the US insist on this path for Taiwan? Reading those books will certainly give some insights, and to me it's just a great tragedy.

I hope people learn from this and don't make the same mistake again.

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