Thursday, February 19, 2009

KMT Worries Me More And More Indeed

Coincidentally, this section of 大話新聞 coincide with my last blog. It really looks like Ma and KMT cannot differentiate between corporation's interests and national interests, and it seems Ma and KMT are trying very hard and quite forcefully to persuade for CECA...even using a lot of false facts and logic. They seem to try to rely on corporation for their support of the policy, which is just totally wrong. Of course, corporation has their own interests and they are selfish and strive to make profit. Without selfishness the society probably won't work. But the government has to guard national interests, which is not always the same as corporation interests. KMT always seem to ignore this facts. No wonder they can made a mess back in the 90s, and also causing hyper inflation during 1950s. I just hope the public can realize the problem and the DPP can attack vigorously on it, to halt KMT from the current course or just pull KMT down.

Plus this CECA and the last agreement between KMT and CPP were never open for public to see. It is really pathetic that the negotiation between 2 political parties has to be force upon a nation. The problem is really not if those agreement are in Taiwan's interests... the problem is Taiwanese public has no say in this matter and have no idea what the agreement between KMT and CPP is. That's why I say Taiwan has reverse back to the 80s in certain area...this type of thing is not democracy, but dictatorship.

I also hope that some of the corporation of Taiwan that just hope to rely on the government or China, stop doing so and think about it. It's just wrong and might not even be in their interests to do so. They should look at what happen to the hotel owners, the gravel transportation company, the tourism industry...etc etc...

Also it looks like KMT still want to rely on China for economic...or maybe they just want to sell out Taiwan...I really have no idea now.

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