Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Most Difficult Yet Probably Least Important Topic to Taiwan: Ex-President Chen

I have some of my own ideas about the "big picture" of Taiwan. However, when it comes to the recent ex-President Chen's case, I have no clue what to think about. Note though what I am talking about here is about ex-President Chen, not the whole problem about Taiwan's unfair judiciary and justice system. Everyone (at least everyone in pan-green) noticed the heavy handed influence of KMT on the courts etc. Switching judges, put Chen in jail during trial without good reasons, prosecutor showing lack of understanding of the the basic principle "innocent until proven guilty, " violation of Mr. Chen's right...etc etc. I can go on and on about this. But that's not what I am talking about here...I am talking more about Mr. Chen himself and what I think of him. There are few things I can say about it, although I don't have a clear thought on it:
  1. Personally I don't really care about Mr. Chen, other than his unfair treatment. Some pan green people hate him a lot though...which I kind of understand if they are long time close supporters of him. Because you will feel betrayed if someone you support strongly do something like this. And beside, what ex-President Chen and his wife did sounds so stupid. What were they thinking anyway? On the other hand, there seem to be some supporters that still strongly support Mr. Chen. I think for them though, it's probably more because they oppose the unfair treatment Mr. Chen received. Even during Mr. Chen's 8 years term as president, he is always under unfair attack from the pan-blue media and KMT. I think perhaps that what those Chen supporters are after: opposing lack of justice.
  2. Ex-President Chen did indeed accomplished some stuffs for the green supporters during his term. Although what he accomplished is far from what pan green supporters wanted, the accomplishments are undeniable. And I for one would say during his term and my absence from Taiwan, I can feel the improvement over the years when I went back to Taiwan. It's not only the hardware like Taipei 101 or the high speed rail...there are changes in the atmosphere as well, like way more different TV channels and much cleaner public washrooms . It's true I still see some stuff which I would like it to be changed but haven't, can't improve everything you want in 8 years. Of course, not all accomplishment are directly due to Mr. Chen's effort, but he was the head of the state, and during his term, Taiwan has certainly progressed, that is the truth. And by looking at how fast Taiwan reverse back to the 80s in some area recently after Ma took over, I realize Mr. Chen's presidency was difficult and part of the reason for Taiwan's progress in the past few years.
  3. Some might say his "corruption" has destroy all his accomplishment for the pan green party because he tarnished the pan green flag. Now when people think of pan green, they think of corruption. That is very true. However, if you look at it another way, it does not have to be so and it is only so because some people allow it to be so and some people want it to be so. Why is it someone's own foolishness means the whole movement's foolishness? Why is it someone's mistakes means some ideals or some principle is a mistake? When a teacher teach us to respect the law, but for some reason he/she got a ticket for speeding and going through red light, does that mean we should just say whatever teachers say is wrong, and therefore we should disrespect the law? In another words, in my opinion, the reason why Mr. Chen mistakes effects the independent movement is because pan blue media, politician and supporters use the false logic to connect Mr. Chen's mistake and independent movement. However, I do hope the wisdom of the people will sense the false logic, see through deception, and realize the big picture. Of course they can still be angry with Mr. Chen, but they should not give up their ideals and principle because of him.
  4. A lot of Taiwanese, in my opinion, also seem to forget or choose to ignore what it was really like during the KMT rule. I for one certainly remembered well. During that time we only have 3 TV stations, school teaches us about China all the time, to the point that my sense of what my country is get really blurry. During that time no one knows or don't talk about 228. Me and my classmates don't know shit about Taiwan but we memorize all those history and geographical stuff about China, and are proud of it. We have to read all those ancient Chinese text that basically don't say much except how beautiful Chinese mountains and rivers are etc, just because they are hard to understand and require a lot of interpretation works. There are so many more interesting stuff around the world and in Taiwan that we can read, why do we always have to read some old Chinese shit that basically says nothing? And now some people say KMT and DPP are the same? Please, spare me the bullshit. DPP didn't accomplish all they want to accomplish during the 8 years, but the principle and characteristic of DPP and KMT are completely different. It's simple. One party goes in this direction, the other goes the other direction. How can people say they are the same? Yes, they both have corrupted officials (KMT have way more by the way, but they always have better way of getting away with it), but whose direction is more aligned with your interests and your vision of Taiwan, that is the real question.

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