Thursday, February 19, 2009

The 2 Types of Worries And What Are the Solutions

Someone else brought the same topic a few months ago. But just now I suddenly have this idea of categorize the worries about Ma in Taiwan now into 2 major types:
  • Ma intentionally not doing anything helpful about the economy. He just use lies and policies that delays people's uproar. To what end? To setup a trap to lure the Taiwanese in.
  • Ma is just foolish and naive
This in my opinion is very possible. One of the recent book I read "The Road To Serfdom" certainly indicate this as a possibility. The book is unrelated to Taiwan, of course, but the history etc it mentioned indicate that it is indeed possible to lure a nation toward its "doom" when the economy is bad and people are getting poor. It's a carrot and stick type of strategy. Using reliance on China as the carrot, and use economic problems as the stick, and direct the nation into China's arms. Certainly the recent arguments for CECA is going in this direction.

This one is also possible in my opinion. A lot of people seemed to voted for Ma during mayor and presidential election due to his good look and his expertise in bullshitting. Some might wonder how come then people did not see it when he was Taipei mayor? Well, actually a lot of people did realize it. A lot of policy and constructions etc that are setup by Ma are utter failures. But I think perhaps a lot of people just didn't pay attention. After all, not everyone lives in Taipei City. Plus the big budget campaign Ma had, I think a lot of people are just simply fooled and overlooked Ma's lack of ability. Furthermore, during that time there were no major crisis like the recent economic trouble, that can really test one's leadership. (except SARS and 921 Earth quake, which Ma also has quite some records of mishandling, but I guess those things some people are willing to overlook) Also, don't forget, most major media are very pro-Ma. Those problems are usually under reported. But now the crisis is national and a lot of people can feel it...that's why the late realization perhaps.

I think perhaps it's actually both...but in both cases Ma will put Taiwan in danger. The question becomes...what can/should people do about it?

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