Wednesday, February 18, 2009


Ah...finally I have decided to blog my thought on Taiwan. I always think a lot about Taiwan, its people and its future etc, but don't know if it's worth while to write them in blog. But heck, why not. Might as well write them down and keep track since I always think about it. As the first post, I will just state what this blog is about:

It's about Taiwan, of course. I am pro Taiwan independence (even TI a lot of time is misinterpreted by foreigners and Taiwanese alike in my opinion, but more about this later). In another words, I am so called pan green supporters in Taiwan. So this blog will most likely be around this type of topics. Most likely I will post my thoughts related to Taiwan that has occurred to me when I read some news and books etc.

I am not a big professor, politician or economic academic, so I know for sure I cannot be correct or accurate all the time. This blog is more of my thoughts, not some research paper anyway, so I won't bother to always carefully research on everything I write here. However, I believe and am convinced that my big principle to be true, ie, I won't start thinking "I made a mistake, it's better Taiwan not to be indepedent, " because I have already gone through many research and thought on those and I believe TI to be better for Taiwan.

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