Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Sometimes...It's Just Common Sense

We all know that 江丙坤 has a son doing business in China. How can someone like that leads the negotiation with China? It's common sense and well established principle in governing that if an official has some sort of interests in certain area, he should avoid getting involved in those area in the government.

In this case, 江 has great personal interest in China. How can Ma government pick him to negotiate with China? It's an extremely shameful act. IMO, they think they can just get away with it because they think no one cares...Yea, even I wonder if Taiwanese care. I hope more people know about this. Just by doing this, at least someone in Ma's government should be impeached, if Ma himself is not impeached.

But then again impeachment is very difficult in's a difficult problem indeed.

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