Monday, March 2, 2009

Who/What is Really Responsible for 228

Once again 228 came and went. This time I studied some more document of 228, and realize more monstrous acts of KMT and its soldiers. Of course, those acts should be condemned, but who is to blame for allowing these tragedy to happen...Here are the people that I thought responsible,...I might not be right though:
  1. KMT: Of course this one is obvious and a lot of people point it out already. Chiang Kai-shek and his KMT cronies are the primary source of the tragedy. From the start, they laid claim on an island which they know absolute nothing about, and use their lobyist army in Washington DC to convince the US and the rest of the Allies to support their claim. While the rest of the world intend to help rebuilding Taiwan after the war, KMT from the start only want to pillage. In such a way, can we not expect a rebellion and the eventual massacre?
  2. The USA Government: The US of course was not directed involved in this. But from the start, the higher ups of the US government are ignorant of the situation in Taiwan. The Chinese lobyists also have way too much influence in the US political circle. Some officials knew more about Taiwan, and knew the KMT is trying to deceive Washington, but their influence is not as strong as those Chinese lobyists, for some strange reason. In the US attempt to try to maintain as many allies as possible during and after the war, they ignore small people and their situations, and listen only to the lies of their so called "allies." Eventually, when McArthur gave the general order for the Chinese to take over and occupy Taiwan, he also set the stage for the massacre and seal the doom of Taiwan for generations to come.
  3. Taiwanese Illusion: You might think the US is foolish, but even Taiwanese are not much better. They think they are returning to the "motherland." They think KMT and Sun Yi-Seng's philosophy is the future of China. They are completely and utterly wrong. Their illusion about their own identity and about China are just tragic. But surely, there must be some Taiwanese who travelled to China before or during the can they not see this coming? Sometimes, I guess it just cannot be helped even if you see things right in front of your eyes, when the illusion and naivity ran deep. Their lack of forsight and imagination also caused their doom. If they have known better and are able to have some representative in the US or other places, perhaps they can avoid this fate. But's very difficult. Even if some of them knew about the danger, to have their voice heard by the rest of the world during that time is very difficult...and when you cannot expect everyone to awake from the illusion in so short amount of time, it's really hard to place to strong voice in the international stage.
  4. Japan: IMO, Japan is perhaps partially responsible for being "irresponsible," in a sense. They are the one that perhaps knew most of the potential problems that might come, but they say nothing. The only right thing they did was not ceding Taiwan back to China, but merely give up its soverignty over Taiwan. But they could have given the rest of the world and people in Taiwan a better warning. Then again, probably no one would have listened because they were the aggressor that invaded China and attacked Pearl Harbour during WW2 and they lost. Another thing is the last Japanese governer of Taiwan was apparently lure to Shanghai, imprisoned, and murdered by poison. It seems to show that KMT has the hostile intention toward Taiwan from the very beginning.
I think the lesson here is very obvious...Taiwan has to decide its own fate and voice its own opinion. No other power should and could decide for Taiwan. Their decision will most likely leads to disasters. But then again, Taiwan is a small nation, how can it not be influenced by other major powers? This is indeed a dilemma, which I have no concrete solution yet...but the alternative of letting others deciding our fate is not an option. So the question remains...

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