Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Has Taiwanese Figure Out What They Want Yet?

I read this article a few days ago. Although the guy has some interesting points, but it's mainly about TRA, which is more on the US policy making side, and I did not find any particular statement that caught my attention. But today when I thought about it again, suddenly I find the last sentence very interesting:
Taiwan, he said, must reach an internal consensus on what it wants before any country, including the US, can help, he said.
It seems like a very common knowledge but the meaning behind it I find it interesting.

It looks to me that recently there are foreigners abandoning their support of TI. For the past years I have read or heard politicians from Canada, East Europe, Japan and the US expressing their disappointment. This, of course, is expected. When they are supporting the movement, the Taiwanese seem to abandon it during the 2008 election. Of course, many, including me, will argue that Ma during election actually only emphasis on economy and avoiding any topics involving China. He even gave his support to Tibet during that time, which of course is a lie because after election he refuse to let Dalai Lama to visit Taiwan. Also, many are simply blinded by the KMT attacks on ex-president Chen's corruption charges. Although I myself believe this argument but sometimes I also wonder about the naivety of Taiwanese. And of course those foreign TI supporters will feel a sense of being betrayed.

Now I actually realize the connection of these 2 things. Of course, many would like to help Taiwan if possible, the problem is: what exactly does Taiwanese want? It seems a lot of survey and data clearly indicate the desire of Taiwanese, but then during election, the result does not show it. It just shows that, a lot of people still don't realize the meaning of their vote or they do not have enough resolve to pursuit what they want. When this is the case, how can other help? Because the target is not even clear.

More and more Formosan seem to be gradually realizing their wish for TI and I hope this trend continue. And I hope more and more people see through KMT and CCP's deception.

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