Thursday, March 5, 2009

Interesting Conference

Interesting conference by the Shadow Government.

One quote especially caught my attention, I will translate it here in English:
"What China is doing is like blocking all the road, and leave only 1 exit, but right behind the exit is a trap."
This I think is the grand strategy of China. Strangle Taiwan in anyway it can but leave one exit, and set a trap right outside the exit. From the conference, it's quite clear that a lot of nations eventually didn't sign FTA with Taiwan due to strong pressure from China. Also, it keep luring Taiwan's business people to the dead end. Now China open 1 exit: CECA (or whatever it is called now) , and waiting for Taiwan to fall into the trap behind that exit...that's what I think is happening.

The important thing is, how does Taiwan counter this strategy, in short and long term.

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