Thursday, March 5, 2009

Even More Stuff on ECFA(CECA)

It's very well written and once again confirm with a lot of experts' and people's suspicion and fear.

To answer my own question in the last post:
I think for the short term it's simple - continue to inform people about the "trap" and the "bait." Focus on the issue, common sense and the lack of transparency of Ma's ECFA policy. The best outcome would be people listen and get informed, thus stopping any further movement toward the trap. The worst outcome is, of course, continuation toward the trap. But hopefully by spreading proper information that alert people's attention, Taiwan will suffer great damage but not death.
For the long term - an alternative route out of this situation needs to be found. As stated before, China's strategy is to box in Taiwan and set a trap on the only exit. The US doesn't seem to recognize this, and still urge China to give Taiwan greater international space, which is a waste of breath, because that is exactly the opposite of what China wants, and China is not going to listen, of course. However, perhaps what Taiwan needs to do is to realize the box is not "solid," there are breaches and cracks that can be exploited with EFFORTS. The emphasis is on the "effort" because what Taiwanese needs to realize also is that there is no FREE LUNCH. The easy way out is a death trap, the hard ways out are the only ways that lead to life.

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