Monday, March 2, 2009

Indian Hit The Spot

The Indian "ambassador" of Taiwan, T.P.Seeharam hits one of the problem Taiwan has right on the spot. It looks like India is giving the effort in trying to get more investment and trade with Taiwan. From a overall strategic point of view, it actually looks like Taiwan and India can be very good trading partner because the products and services they export don't overlap each other, but indeed seem to compliment each other. Taiwan exports more electronic and computer components etc, while the Indian exports more in software outsourcing and IT services. Both are involved in IT industry, but one is more in the hardware while the other is more on the software. Combining the expertise from both side might create even bigger business opportunities.

But why do Taiwanese business people, for years, seem to have not notice India one bit? My previous post seems to answer this question. It's because many people still have this China Centric thinking. And through KMT and pro-China media propaganda, those business people can only focus on the opportunity in China, and no other places. Like what the Indian ambassador and ex-ambassador said, this culture differences or language difference are just excuses. In fact, I think they are too polite...IMO they are BS. When you have potential opportunity to gain big money, can simple stuff like culture and language difference become a barrier? No way. They are just excuses for the Taiwanese business people's lack of imagination, laziness and China Centric thinking. Both India and Taiwan have plenty of people speaking English, finding translators etc won't be a big deal at all. Especially those bigger corporations in Taiwan...culture and language a barrier for them? Give me a break.

Those KMT idiots keep saying "don't lock down the country," when in fact they keep "locking" Taiwan down in China. KMT keeps saying Taiwan needs to be internationalized, Taiwan needs to have leaderships that have international view, when in fact KMT keep "sinolizing" Taiwan, and their leadership only has Chinese view, not international view.

Of course it can't be helped, how those people run their business is their own problem. But I do hope that Formosan realize there are a lot of other opportunities just around the corner. Taiwan does NOT need to rely on China, like those KMT propaganda say. Diversify, break the barriers and try new things, take some calculated risk, and the reward might be greater than expected.

Finally it might be said that, perhaps there is one common ground between Taiwan and India that stands out as another strategic benefits: both are democratic. Because of this, perhaps there are more common "cultural" characteristic India and Taiwan share than both side realized.

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