Tuesday, March 3, 2009

A New Flag Idea

Haha...my new flag concept for Taiwan. Yea, I am not satisfied with this design but I think it would be interesting to just keep posting some new ideals, because heck, there is no "official" flag for Taiwan now so might as well made up my own one.

This one I actually aggregated some concept from other, specifically the green, white, blue color scheme and the "4 hearts" idea. I actually didn't think about the meaning etc when I draw this so no...those stuff don't actually have meaning. But after I finish it and look at it I can sort of made the meaning up. The triangle pointing upward meaning the central mountain of Taiwan. It also means inspiration and imagination. The triangle pointing downward is the reflection of mountains on the water. It also means self-reflection and humility. The triangles point toward left and right...well, maybe they can mean the land of Taiwan, which also means prosperity. Blue can mean liberty and freedom, Green can mean happiness and white means justice. The rest...no idea, I will think of something later. Green, white and blue combined also means the color of Earth.

One thing I realized though is I particularly like the green, white and blue color scheme. It actually looks kind of nice. I am not sure why fewer flags use this color scheme. Maybe because it does not look very sharp from a distance...I am not sure.

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