Thursday, March 12, 2009

Another Problem That I have Known for Years

Here is another serious problem Taiwan has:

Sound ridiculous? But many, including me, have noticed these sort of problems for years. Even during the DPP times, a lot of these "envoy" are pro KMT and pro China tax money waster that just don't do their job properly. It's own envoy sided with China instead of Taiwan. It goes back to my concept of China Centric and Taiwan Centric thinking. But in the case it shows how extreme and damaging to Taiwan some of those so call "envoy" can be. IMO, they should be called Chinese envoy, and should receive payment from China, not from Taiwan. Plus his view is just wrong in terms of human rights and liberty.

It's another reason why Taiwan don't have much international space. Because many envoys out there are actually working and accomplish anything at all? I know only a few during DPP term, and now probably none because Ma's basic policy of ceasing any foreign relation activities.

UPDATE: After watching some follow up news on this just too ridiculous...This guy got paid by Taiwanese tax payers, work in Toronto, and yet this is how he thinks?? The stuff mention in the newspaper is just a small peak of the iceberg. He had wrote 100 or so articles full of hate toward Taiwan...It's just really weird. Also it's worth to note he got PROMOTED after Ma enter office...really make me speechless. I really wonder how many of these kind of foreign officials are there? By reading what they wrote, it's clear they cannot do any good for Taiwan. Doing more harm is more likely. Of course, freedom of expression should be protected, but if this guy don't believe what he is doing, he should just quit and find another job, or the government should just fire him because clearly he is not suitable for this job. Plus because he is a government official, his statement almost sounds like full treason or racism...but I think this only a qualified judge can decide. This guy really belong to China...not Taiwan. He should immigrate to China instead of getting paid by Taiwanese...

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