Sunday, March 1, 2009

Thoughts After Reading Formosa Calling

After reading through the book "Formosa Calling"...I must say...228 and the events leading up to 228 is even worse than I thought. What those politicians and media talk about on TV or in the movie etc, are not the full extent of Taiwanese suffering during that time. Perhaps some of the stuff are so ugly it's very difficult to talk about it in public or media. Some of the people's fate in the book, IMO, is worse than death. Some of them die eventually as well, but I can imagine they have to suffer a lot physically and psychologically before they die. Furthermore, I don't know what kind of horror those eye witness of the torture and killings have to endure...Certainly I felt kind of in shock after reading some of the ugly crimes, and wondering what kind of suffering and humiliation those victims have to endure.

A lot of time people only focus on those victim that have some fame when they are killed (doctors, intellectual leaders etc) or the relatives of the victim that are still alive today, but judging from the book, I think there are a lot more nameless victims (young students etc) and families that could be completely wiped out...

Every time when someone mentioned 228, there are always someone saying "don't talk about it, it 'split us'...etc." IMO, those are just excuses. They are excuses to prevent people from gaining a lesson from the past. They are excuses to prevent us from seeing how ugly KMT and its soldiers were.

Most people only mourn of the 228 event, me included. But this time, I also felt a sense of anger...because a sense of lack of justice. It's not a hate or anger toward anyone in particular, and it's very difficult for me to put in words. "Lack of Justice" is the only feeling I can describe in words, but it does not describe it in full.

Perhaps this writer come closer in describe my feeling...but it's not exactly mine neither:

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